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Make keeping pets simple, convenient, efficient and stylish.

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This is a baggage -contained suitcase, which can be transformed into a cattery. It specially serves the migrant workers in the city who keep pets.










There are thousands of pets abandoned in the frozen city by their owners.
According to the statistics, most of the pets are abandoned when their owners changed residences. The fact that these pets’ owners often live a tough life and change their jobs frequently results in the appearance of many itinerants. The owners are afraid of having no suitable place for their pets anymore and the troubles of feeding, therefore, they abandon their pets.

The phenomenon of abandoning pets not only brings hurts to the animals, but also disturbs the environment of the whole city. It undisputedly becomes a serious society problem now. Fortunately, my project provides a positive solution for this problem.

Suitcase and cattery represent respectively the behaviours of changing residences and feeding pets. This box which combines the two functions together satisfies the needs of two behaviours. It creates an easy, convenient, efficient and fashionable way of feeding pets. Additionally, the space which was taken up by the suitcase in home is recreated and improved. Consequently, every itinerant owner will not be worried about their inseparable

Whenever you carry this attractive suitcase walking through the plaza or unfold it into a delectable artware at home, you will love this box as well as your cat.







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