Strength, Santander by PEJAC

three groups of works healing the wound of the pandemic

Project Specs


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“‘力量’系列旨在表达对Valdecilla医院医务工作者的感激之情,尤其是感谢他们在疫情期间的付出。我所能做的,就是通过自己最擅长的绘画传递出这份心意。” PEJAC

“The idea of the ‘Strength’ project arises as a gesture of gratitude to the heath workers of Valdecilla, for their work in general and during this Covid crisis in particular. Offering them what I do best, which is painting.” – PEJAC


在这场载入全球史册的疫情中,艺术家Pejac的家乡也深受影响,目前,疫情已夺走了那里的50,000多条生命。作为纪念,Pejac在家乡Marqués de Valdecilla大学的医院创作了三组作品。这一系列以“力量”为名,映射出人们面对疫情最需要的态度。在综合医院楼的墙上,“力量”系列以三组作品诠释了当前的危机与应对的方法。

Marking the historic moment in global history, a pandemic that strongly affected his homeland taking over 50,000 lives so far, Pejac recently created 3 interventions at University Hospital Marqués de Valdecilla in his hometown Santander. Entitled after the quality of being strong, much needed in the world we live today, and especially within the walls of a hospital complex, ‘Strength’ is addressing 3 different aspects of the current crisis and proposes the ways we could respond to them.

▼“力量”系列,“社交距离”,Strength, Social Distancing © Pejac

▼“力量”系列,“克服”,Strength, Overcoming © Pejac

▼“力量”系列,“关怀”,Strength,  Caress © Pejac


“从一开始,医院便以开放和热情的态度为项目提供了和谐轻松的氛围。此外,他们还给了我完全的创作自由,这种信任与支持是如此奢侈与珍贵。” PEJAC

“From the first moment, the hospital has been receptive and enthusiastic and that has made the project flow in a harmonious and easy way. In addition, they have given me total creative freedom and it has been a luxury to have their trust and support”. – PEJAC


“社交距离”|Social Distancing


Social Distancing is a trompe l’oeil intervention that creates an illusion of a deep gaping crevice on a rigid surface of a cement wall. Made from countless human silhouettes that are trying to escape it, the artist wanted to represent the wound that this pandemic has left and do it as a tribute to health workers for their respect and solidarity towards the victims.

▼“社交距离”概览,overview of Social Distancing © Pejac


While the image serves as a metaphor for the damage done by the pandemic, it also literally proposes Social Distancing as a way to fix them. In between the large crowd, the artist included scenes of reunion, empathy, care, and love, suggesting a door to a better, hopeful future.

the image made from countless human trying to escape © Pejac

details, scenes of reunion, empathy, care, and love © Pejac

interaction between the work and the health workers © Pejac

▼艺术家创作现场,creation scenes © Pejac




Overcoming is the second piece from the series which was realized with on-hand help by young oncology patients. Depicting a child recreating Van Gogh’s ‘Wheat Field with Cypresses’ with his hands, the piece is somewhat a take on Pejac’s work he created in Norway in 2015, showing a boy recreating Munch’s Scream with his toy cars. In the piece, a child is propped on the wheelchair, able to paint higher than the rest. “This is something that we, as a society could do – take this crisis and use it to propel us forward,” the artist suggests.

▼轮椅上的男孩比任何人都画的更高, the child on the wheelchair able to paint higher than the rest © Pejac

▼患肿瘤的孩子们参与完成的“克服”,Overcoming realized by young oncology patients © Pejac

▼细部,details © Pejac




Caress is the final piece that poetically describes the new dynamics of the relationship between the patients and the health workers imposed by the COVID virus. While physically standing distant and only looking at each other, their shadows are depicting the need and wish to return to physical contact. Pejac also added a sense of serenity and beauty by turning their shadows into a colorful and peaceful pond with water lilies, paying homage to one of his favorite painters, Monet, along the way.

▼诗意地描绘医患间的联系, poetically describing the relationship between the patients and the health workers © Pejac

▼致敬莫奈的“睡莲”,paying homage to Monet © Pejac

▼艺术家创作现场,creation scenes © Pejac


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