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“Step House” is regard as an emotional outlet outside the dazzling city, where people’s ever-fading homesickness and longing for a simple life are pinned on.

▼璀璨都市之外的情感出口,project overview: An emotional outlet outside the dazzling city © 朱雨蒙


The story begins in the East Lake Greenway. It is unimaginable that in Wuhan with a population of more than 10 million, there is a trail that stretches for more than 100 kilometers. It spans large mountains and lakes, through bamboo forests and cherry blossoms, crisscrossing polder fields and rice paddies.

▼当然,东湖绿道也串联起马鞍山公园后山毕村口的这处场地 © 朱雨蒙
In time, of course, East Lake Greenway also connects the site at the entrance of Hou Shanbi Village, Ma Anshan Park


Fortunately, the embarrassment of “Same Imagine of different Cities” finally disappeared in the site. On the intersection of lakes and rivers in Wuhan, the imagination of a landscape city is growing crazily again.

▼为了钢铁森林中的人,再绚目的都市也需要自然的出口 © 朱雨蒙
For the people in the steel forest, the destination city also needs a natural outlet


The Canopy


We can no longer think of how we felt when we first faced the two old houses in the site, because in the winter of 2018, the morning fog of East Lake, the withered remnants of lotus root and the lush spruce on the side of the village filled all the memories. In the following ten times of running, the sounds of birds and frogs, green bamboos and tender lotus roots, and the fishing nets by the lake in the sunset, are like pieces of puzzles, creating a complete situation for the “Step House”.

▼冬日尾声,池塘的枯荷正孕育着生机 © 朱雨蒙
At the end of winter, the withered lotus in the pond is gestating vitality


The lotus pond is in the south, and the vast East Lake is on the west. When you walk east, you will enter the village. The winding dirt road connects scattered houses, surrounded by lush bamboo forests and metasequoias.

▼场地平面图,site plan ©王冲工作室

▼一南一北,两间小屋围合出开放式庭园,它们将被改造为民宿和图书馆 ©王冲工作室
On the south and north, two huts enclose an open garden, which will be transformed into a guest house and a library.

▼设计概念示意,concept ©王冲工作室


Undoubtedly, for urbanites trapped in “civilization”, this situation is already attractive enough, and the stigma in our genes makes us want to “return to nature”. However, for us, design is by no means as simple as framed scenery. “The most beautiful scenery is people.” We must not only introduce the landscape, but also attract people to make more activities happen here.

▼人来人往,建筑里上演着流动的场景 © 朱雨蒙
People come and go, and there are scenes of movement in the building

▼从庭园移步即是东湖©朱雨蒙Moving from the yard, it is East Lake © 朱雨蒙


It is a choice that requires courage to use more than half of the indoor area for public activities instead of clearly-priced guest rooms. However, after the completion of the building, the crowds have proved that this is a correct decision.

▼简洁的外形下,隐藏着丰富的室内空间 © 朱雨蒙
Under the concise shape, there is a rich interior space hidden

▼屋顶的阶梯露台暗示着室内的“登高山径” © 朱雨蒙
The roof terrace hints at the indoor “mountain trail”


Restricted by rural laws and regulations, the original outline of the building must be maintained for the reconstruction, but its internal space has become very rich.

▼村子里的水杉和随处可见的坡屋顶带来设计的线索,木材和坡屋顶这两种元素被反复使用 © 朱雨蒙
The metasequoia in the village and the sloping roofs that can be seen everywhere bring design clues, and the two elements of wood and sloping roofs are used repeatedly.

▼自然材料带来温暖触感,而大小坡屋顶下则容纳着不同的活动 © 朱雨蒙
Natural materials bring a warm touch, and different activities are accommodated under the large and small sloped roofs

▼人们可以感受到狭小和高敞尺度的转换,无疑,这也是遍布匀质空间的都市中难以传递的稀缺体验 © 朱雨蒙
People can feel the transformation of small and open scales. Undoubtedly, this is also a rare experience that is difficult to convey in a city with homogeneous spaces.

▼房屋原有的简易屋顶被拆掉,新塑的混凝土屋顶暴露出粗野的肌理 © 朱雨蒙
The original simple roof of the house was removed, and the newly plastic concrete roof exposed the rough texture.

▼冷色的工业质感和暖色木纹取得了视觉的协调 © 朱雨蒙
The cool industrial texture and warm wood texture achieved visual coordination

▼混凝土屋顶下的顶楼客房 © 朱雨蒙
Penthouse rooms under concrete roof


二. 登高

那么在高敞的屋形天棚之下,人们如何观看“山林湖泽”?设计灵感来自于攀登武汉丘陵的经验,又得到了北宋山水画《晴峦萧寺图》的印证,在登高的路途中,中国意境的山丘上出现了亭塔、楼阁、水榭、茅舍、板桥……构成了人们驻足回望的“岑峦”与”重台”,古人把纡回绵连的小山称为“峦”,“登石峦以远望兮”,峦舍(Step House)即得名于此。

▼北宋古画《晴峦萧寺图》李成,“A Solitary Temple amid Clearing Peaks”

So how do people watch “forests and lakes” under the high-open house-shaped canopy? The design was inspired by the experience of climbing the hills of Wuhan, and it was confirmed by the Song Dynasty landscape painting “A Solitary Temple amid Clearing Peaks“(晴峦萧寺图.circa 960). On the way to climb, pavilions, pavilions, pavilions, huts and slab bridges appeared on the hills of Chinese artistic conception.  Constituted the “Step” and “Terrace” that people stopped and looked around. The ancients called the rolling hills “Lu Hui”, the step house is that It is named after this.

▼平台高低错落,形成“登楼”的动线,丰富了游走的感受,并放大了空间感 © 朱雨蒙
The steps are staggered high and low, forming a movement line of “climbing”, enriching the feeling of wandering, and amplifying the sense of space

▼折叠楼梯勾起好奇心,人们不知不觉向上攀爬 © 朱雨蒙
Folding stairs arouse curiosity, people climb up unconsciously

这是也我们在互舍(Intertwine House)中得到的经验(https://www.gooood.cn/intertwine-house-beijing-china-by-wonder-architects.htm

This is the experience we got in Intertwine House (https://www.gooood.cn/intertwine-house-beijing-china-by-wonder-architects.htm)

▼在同质化的都市中,寻觅也成为了一种乐趣 © 朱雨蒙
In a homogeneous city, searching has also become a pleasure


At different heights, people can try different “viewing methods”.

▼在南楼民宿区,不妨坐在小庭院里仰望竹林 © 朱雨蒙
In the South Building B&B area, you might as well sit in the small courtyard and look up at the bamboo forest

▼或可在二层观看林梢 © 朱雨蒙
Or you can watch the forest tips on the second floor

▼抑或从屋顶庭院俯瞰云杉林木或远眺湖面 © 朱雨蒙
Or overlook the spruce forest or the lake from the roof courtyard

▼对于北楼图书室来说,人们可在餐桌上观看盆景庭园 © 朱雨蒙
For the library in the north building, people can watch the bonsai garden on the dining table

▼或是顺着阶梯爬上露台,远眺宽敞的湖面…… © 朱雨蒙
Or climb the stairs up to the terrace, overlooking the spacious lake…


三. 纳物

▼于是,开窗即纳入湖景与林木 © 朱雨蒙
As a result, the lake view and forest are incorporated into the window

▼房屋的虚空洞口成为了致敬自然的画框 © 朱雨蒙
The empty opening of the house becomes a frame of tribute to nature

▼几何造型的建筑,营造出轻松简洁的视觉效果 © 朱雨蒙
The geometrical architecture creates a relaxed and concise visual effect

▼流动的空气在潮湿的武汉弥足珍贵 © 朱雨蒙
The flowing air is precious in the humid Wuhan

▼远眺南部的山丘和从池塘 © 朱雨蒙
Overlooking the southern hills and from the pond

▼眺望东湖,Looking at East Lake © 朱雨蒙

▼视线落在树梢上,Gaze on the treetops © 朱雨蒙

▼北窗里葱翠的竹林,The verdant bamboo forest in the north window © 朱雨蒙


The sun was welcome to enter the door, they moved on the wall, leaving a light spot of time, drew people to stop and meditate. In the early morning, the east window facing the bamboo forest was sprinkled with quiet cold light, and the shadows of the trees were graceful; and in the afternoon, immersed in the warm sunlight on the west side, making the lake view romantic.

▼西侧温暖的阳光使观湖也变得浪漫 © 朱雨蒙
The warm sunlight on the west side makes the lake view romantic


In the past year, Wuhan was hit by a new type of coronavirus, but shortly afterwards, the city resumed high-speed operations. People from long-deprived homes have come one after another. What Step House most hopes to incorporate is the rich emotions behind Shining city. The epidemic has caused people to constantly reflect: What is happiness? It’s a simple life, a joyful reunion, it’s even the constant “modern homesickness”.

▼总平面图,master plan © 王冲工作室

▼一层平面图,1F plan © 王冲工作室

▼二层平面图,2F plan © 王冲工作室

▼三层平面图,3F plan © 王冲工作室

▼剖面图1-1,section 1-1 © 王冲工作室

▼剖面图2-2,section 2-2 © 王冲工作室

施工图:王冲,黄再新,黄立宇 ,陈艳培

Project Name: Step House(Donghu Xiaobai)
Architect: Wonder Architects: WangChong Studio/Wonder Architects
Official Website: www.wonder-architects.com
Contact: office@wonder-architects.com/coopix1@gmail.com
Project Location: Wuhan
Completion Time: 2021
Building Area: 500 ㎡
Architectural design & Interior design: Wang Chong
Shop drawing:Wang Chong , Huang Zaixin , Huang Liyu,Chen Yanpei
Design Consultant: Ye Xianfeng, Lin Yu
Photography: Zhu Yumeng and others :coppakstudio.com

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