St Vincent’s Place Residence by B.E Architecture

A new archetype developed through reinterpretation of classical references with a modern sensibility

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As a modern renaissance home, the St Vincents Place Residence is a new archetype developed through reinterpretation of classical references with a modern sensibility. The client, as a patron, put his belief in architecture, artists and artisans to create a nourishing environment that goes beyond surface treatments by inscribing contemplative experiences into the physical form. Positioned behind a significant heritage façade, the new extension is a cultural bridge between historical significance and modern progress.

▼主入口的凉廊,front entrance verandah


Embracing the consideration of time, the design response examines pinnacles of architecture and design throughout history. It recreates original elements that extract and expand upon qualities of substance, inspired by those that are proven to span the test of time. Although the majority of the home is a new building, it is not immediately recognisable as such.

▼入口玄关,entry foyer


The reworking of older-style details in the front section of the original building, include curved cornices, arched doors and custom steel fireplaces, which are not typical modern construction methodologies, but feel at ease within the Victorian frontage. Integral to the details is an authentic demonstration of unusual level of craftsmanship, an appreciation of the capacity of man-kind. Even the smallest of details, like the hand-stained dovetail joints along the timber skirting, are deserving of a moment’s reflection.

▼主客厅,formal living room

▼客厅细部,detailed view


The modern counterpart in the rear extension uses insitu concrete, terrazzo style stone floors, painted timber ceilings and bluestone walling to create a point of difference from the front. Rejecting stark minimalism, the classical details are exchanged for rich textures continuing the hand-hewn character throughout the house.


▼具有现代感的金属操作台,kitchen bench

▼餐厅,dining room

▼从餐厅望向三层高的天井,the three storey light-well seen from the dining room

▼主人卧室,master bedroom

房间中装饰着大量的艺术收藏品,它们探索者哲学、文学、宗教以及科学的主题。这些艺术品有时以文字的方式呈现在墙壁上,例如三层高的天井中展示着艺术家Nathan Coley设计的灯光装置作品《天堂就是什么也不会发生的地方》,以及由艺术家Berlinde De Bruyckere创作的壁龛装置。室内空间的设计也如同这些艺术品一样,涵盖了各个时代的文化特点。“知识”构成了大多数房间的主题。容纳着书籍的透明书架被放置在客厅的中央,可以作为别具特色的定制咖啡桌使用。

Leading the way to intellectual discourse, the substantial art collection explores topics of philosophy, literature, religion and even science. At moments these are literally written into the walls, such as the three storey light-well built around the lightwork Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens by artist Nathan Coley and the niche installation of the wax sculpture Romeu ‘my deer’ by artist Berlinde De Bruyckere.  As carefully curated as the art collection, the interiors for the house is an eclectic mix covering diverse cultural references across many eras. Many of the rooms are positioned around knowledge, encasing collections of books on expansive shelves and using them as a centrepiece within the custom coffee table in the living room.

▼水池区域,pool area

▼天井墙壁上是艺术家Nathan Coley设计的灯光装置作品,the three storey light-well built around the lightwork Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens by artist Nathan Coley

来自欧洲和亚洲的复古家具,展现出一种精致而休闲的美学,为每个赋予了异国情调和充满趣味的创作故事。这些家具有很多都是由B.E Architecture为该住宅专门打造,展现出一种具有建筑性的手工艺之美。

A refined, casual aesthetic is created, incorporating unique vintage pieces sourced from Europe and Asia as a direct historic reference. Each piece adds to the dialogue of the space with exotic and interesting stories of when or where they are from or how they were created. Many of the pieces are one-of-a-kind designs by B.E Architecture, commissioned expressly for this project, pushing the artisanal character of the architectural detailing into the furniture.

▼旧时的拱门元素被保留下来,arched doors in the grand hall

▼藏酒室,wine room

▼室内主楼梯,grand stair


Combining history, art and culture, the St Vincents Place Residence is ultimately a place of rebirth, simultaneously reviving an exceptional period home and cultivating a place of renewal that elevates quality of life for the client.

▼蒸汽浴室与室外泳池形成视觉上的连接,the steam room is visually connected with the pool area

▼浴室和盥洗室选用了富有质感的石材,textured materials were used in the onsen and powder room



▼屋顶spa,roof spa

▼户外花园,front Garden


Project: St Vincent’s Place Residence
Completion Date: September 2017
Floor Area (m²): 855 sqm
Site Area (m²): 482 sqm
B.E Architecture Team
Broderick Ely, Design Director, Andrew Piva – Director, Jon Boucher – Director & Duncan McLeary Associate Director
Consultant Team
Builder: Mckimm
Engineer: McLeod Consulting
Heritage: Bryce Rayworth
Services: MacCormack Associates
Landscape: B.E Architecture
Interior: B.E Architecture
Lighting: B.E Architecture
Photographer: Derek Swawell

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