SPOT Restaurant, Palma, Majorca Island by Tarruella Trenchs Studio

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这是位于帕尔马的第一家餐厅,该餐厅由encompania de lobos所有。它的特点是使用了当地传统的材料,并受到了诸如Coderch或Sert等建筑师在1960年和1970年在地中海岛屿上建造的建筑的影响。中性材料的使用,以及在墙壁和地板上涂上的暖色调,让我们创造了一个平衡的空间,在陶瓷和手工艺品的细节中体现了设计的丰富性。

This is the first restaurant located in Palma, Majorca owned by En compañía de lobos. It is characterized by using local and traditional materials, and by having the influence of the 1960’s and 1970’s architecture built on the Mediterranean island, by architects such as Coderch or Sert. The use of neutral materials, and the warm color hue applied on both walls and floorings, allowed us to create a balanced space, where the richness is found in the details of ceramics and handicrafts.

▼空间概览, overview

▼精致的手工艺品陈列区, the display area of ceramics and handicrafts

水压石灰铺板像地毯一样定格着不同格式的再生乡村瓷砖,这种方式最初来自岛上的一座古老的教堂。这个元素提供了活力,并帮助我们细分餐厅的不同区域。靠近厕所的晶格工艺,由terracotta瓷砖组成。有横条纹的吊顶,位于入口区域,使用了的调色板中的颜色。这个天花板是由一种名为Ikat mallorquin的传统织物制成的。

Hydraulic lime pavers frame, like a rug, the reclaimed rustic ceramic tiles of different formats, and that were originally from an old church on the island. This element provides dynamism, and helps us subdivide the different areas of the dining room. The latticework, close to the restrooms, is made with terracotta tiles, and the suspended ceiling – having horizontal stripes and located on the entrance area – is made of colors within a color palette. This ceiling is made of a traditional fabric named Ikat mallorquín.

▼水压石灰铺板与再生砖相得益彰, the happy marriage between hydraulic lime pavers and the reclaimed rustic ceramic tiles


The bar is placed in the central core of the project. It is made of glazed ceramic in different shades of orange. Around it, guests can sit at a regular table height, but they can see the chef at a lower level, preparing some dishes from the menu, or the bartender preparing a cocktail.

▼位于项目中心的酒吧,客人们可以欣赏到厨师准备菜肴的过程,guests can see the chef prepare food when sitting around the central bar



In this higher area, the suspended ceiling is made of oak wood, giving warmth and presence to the interior dining room, and the IPE wood window frames open towards an interior courtyard, where the vegetation becomes part of the premises.

▼IPE木窗通向一个室内庭院,the IPE wood window frames open towards an interior courtyard


家具的选择与整个设计概念很好地融合在一起,在那里,定制的桌子是由坚固的橡木、胡桃木和灰树林、粗钢和宾塞勒姆石制成的。其余的家具来自不同的品牌,包括:AOO,让我们暂停,Santa & Cole, Tunds, Penta light和Sancal。

The furniture selected blends well with the entire concept, where custom-made tables have been designed in solid oak, walnut and ash woods, raw steel and binissalem stone. The rest of the furniture is from various brands, including: AOO, Let’s pause, Santa & Cole, Tunds, Penta light and Sancal.

▼丰富和谐的家具设计和建材组合,a rich and harmonious combination of different designs and materials


▼餐厅入口,the entrance

▼餐厅平面,the plan

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