Sports Hall in Kuřim by CUBOID ARCHITEKTI

The sport hall in white and black in the city with the same tone

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The sports hall is another piece in the mosaic of a gradually expanding sports complex in Kuřim. Since the sports arena is approximately in the centre of this promising area, the architects strove to design a building whose look reflects its purpose: it is a playful and eye-catching building that will become the symbol of the entire complex.

▼建筑外观,exterior view ©BoysPlayNice


In terms of its volume, the arena is designed as a compact castellated ice floe. White and black surfaces are divided by the facade’s edges. The shape and the colours make the building stand out from its surroundings. A significant feature of the front facade is a long, narrow strip window surrounding the stands, heralding the action and liveliness taking place inside.

▼正立面的窄长条形窗,a long narrow strip window of the front facade ©BoysPlayNice


At the heart of the building is a 40x20m handball court with a clear height of 10 metres and bleachers on one side for approximately 360 spectators. The sports arena can be divided into three parts by letting down mesh curtains from the ceiling, which allows for greater flexibility when renting out the arena.

▼室内手球场,internal handball court ©BoysPlayNice

▼手球场侧面的看台,bleachers on one side ©BoysPlayNice

▼放下网帘的手球场,view of the handball court with the mesh curtain ©BoysPlayNice


The lower level of the building is for athletes, whereas the level where the entrance hall and reception are acts as a kind of a joint communication point and is primarily intended for spectators. Locker rooms with showers for athletes and referees as well as bathrooms and equipment storerooms are situated on the lower level that is accessible by stairs from the entrance hall.

▼入口大厅和接待处,the entrance hall and reception area ©BoysPlayNice

▼入口大厅旁的楼梯,staircase beside the entrance hall ©BoysPlayNice

▼更衣室内部,the locker room ©BoysPlayNice

▼更衣室里的淋浴间,bathrooms in the locker room ©BoysPlayNice

▼负一层的储藏室,equipment storerooms ©BoysPlayNice


On the entrance level, in addition to the entrance hall and reception, there are toilets for spectators, a lounge with a view of the court and an engine room that can be accessed through a separate stairway from the lower storey.

▼一楼休息室,the lounge on the entrance level ©BoysPlayNice


▼建筑外立面的垂直夹层板,the smooth sandwich panels ©BoysPlayNice

In terms of construction, the lower storey is a reinforced concrete base upon which the light steel above-ground structure of the arena rests. The sheathing is made of smooth, upright sandwich panels. The internal structures, mainly non-supporting, are made of smooth concrete blocks and unified with white paint. Walls with higher demands for water-resistance are covered with ceramic tiles. The court is covered with Taraflex, a special artificial surface. All other floors in the arena are covered with jointless epoxy skim coating. The building is heated with a cascade gas boiler; sanitary ventilation is ensured with a central heat recovery air-conditioning unit. The sports arena is lit by a system of linear LED lights. The extent and intensity of the lighting can be adjusted; it also enables the level of illumination required for TV broadcasts.

▼总平面图,site plan

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼负一层平面图,basement plan



Project name: Sports Hall in Kuřim
Architect: CUBOID ARCHITEKTI s.r.o. | Aleš Papp, Milan Vít, Magdaléna Pappová
Contact e-mail:
Project location: Blanenská Street, Kuřim, Czech Republic
Client: City of Kuřim
Project year: 2009 – 2017
Completion year: 2018
Build-up area: 1,890 m2
Usable area: 2,478 m2
Build-up space: 22,217 m3
Photo credits: BoysPlayNice

Products and brands
facade sandwich panels – Trimo 
roof water-proofing membranes – Fatrafol
interior doors – HSE 
ceramic tiling – Rako
floor screed – Sika 
interior doors – Jansen 
sanitary equipment – Jika 
sports floor – Gerflor – Taraflex
roof smoke-exhaust valves – Klahos 
wall concrete blocks – KB Blok 
fire-proof coating – Promadur, Promat 
lighting system of the hall – Veko 


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