Pure Minimalist by Ameé Allsop

A furniture collection which needs only experience instead of focus

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澳大利亚建筑师和设计师Ameé Allsop兴奋地宣布即将推出她的首个家具系列作品——“纯粹的极简主义”。设计灵感来源于20世纪50年代后期的极简主义艺术运动,这一系列为特定家庭设计的别致的家具共有6件。

Australian architect and designer, Ameé Allsop is excited to announce the launch of her debut furniture collection titled Pure Minimalist. Inspired by the minimalist art movement of the late 1950s, the collection features 6 unique pieces for the considered home.

过去的12年间,Ameé Allsop作为一名建筑师,和AIA的金牌建筑师Peter Stutchbury Matthew Baird Architects在纽约和悉尼共事,这期间里她的审美有了很大的提升,这也为她的设计带来了独特的方法和对“家”更深的理解。正是因为她对家里每个角落的熟知以及多年的工作经验,才能有这一系列的家具。

Having spent the last 12 years as an architect, working in both Sydney and New York with AIA Gold Medal architect Peter Stutchbury and Matthew Baird Architects, Amee honed her aesthetic to bring a unique approach and understanding of the home to her designs. It is her comprehensive knowledge of this space and years of experience that have formed each piece of furniture in the collection.


“My love of home and the art of living has lead me to design this collection. There is architecture in everything. I wanted the beauty of the material and the simple proportions to be the primary focus. The pieces are not demanding attention but their presence is certainly felt.”


Each piece speaks to the natural beauty of raw materials, appropriate proportions and simplicity at its best. Clean lines, soft tones and handmade finishes all attribute to the unspoken element of being “quietly luxurious” as Ameé describes.


Designed to incorporate within a home’s existing collection, the collection includes a club chair, dining table, dining chair, nesting coffee table, benches, and shelves.


All pieces are beautifully handcrafted in New York using travertine and bleached American ash and have an 8-10 weeks lead time.

该系列家具目前在1stdibs有售,也可通过www.ameeallsop.com 网站在线订购。

The collection is currently sold on 1stdibs or can be ordered online through www.ameeallsop.com.

Photo credit: Glen Allsop

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