SOHO 3Q in Chengdu, China by Superimpose Architecture

Shopping mall transformed into an inspiring co-working space.

Project Specs


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受中国领先的办公空间品牌SOHO 3Q之邀,叠术建筑对成都西部国际金融中心三层和四层的共12000平方米的空间进行设计,将原本经营不善的空间改造成了一个大型的、充满活力和创意的平台。

Superimpose transformed the 3rd and 4th floor of the 12,000 square meter, low occupancy but centrally located WIFC shopping mall into a large vibrant and creative platform for SOHO 3Q, China’s leading co-working office space developer.

▼灵活的共享办公空间,flexible co-working space ©CreatAR


The existing mall consists of two distinct zones: the curved and ‘fluid’ atrium zone, which connects to the other mall floors with the atrium void, and the more orthogonal shaped area situated underneath the high-rise office tower. Superimpose interpreted the two zones as separate worlds and themed them according to the two distinct characteristics of Chengdu: the ‘Land of Abundance’ and the ‘Man Made City’.

▼平面图,空间被分为两个区域,plan, the space is divided into two zones


Land of Abundance


The ‘Land of Abundance’ zone is designed as a lush green space with natural materials, such as wooden furnishing, stone flooring and wooden wall lattices. The colour palette has different tones of green, yellow and grey. The main space is a large and flexible forum area inspired by the Sichuan plains. The plan setting out of this zone embraces fluent and curved lines, filleted corners and ‘soft’ furniture pieces. Plants and bamboo are placed in strategic places to provide a green backdrop to the working areas.

▼“天府之国”区域一览,设有开放的报告厅,overall view of the ‘Land of Abundance’ Zone with an open lecture room ©Kris Provoost

▼前台及休闲区,reception and recreation areas ©Kris Provoost


▼休闲交流区细部,details of the recreation areas ©CreatAR

▼办公区,office space ©CreatAR

▼会议室,meeting room ©Kris Provoost

▼洗手间,washing room ©Kris Provoost


Man Made City


The ‘Man Made City’ area, dominated by large tower cores punching through, is designed by using orthogonal geometries and industrial materials such as cement board, aluminium and concrete. The colour palette consists of tones of grey, blue and salmon pink.

▼人造城市区域一览,overall view of the ‘Man Made City’ area ©CreatAR

其公共区域的设计在原有空间基础上,设置了若干个移动的轨道卡座空间单元,形成可以供人充分灵活使用的交流空间。叠术建筑联合比利时摄影师Kris Provoost采用了一种图形转化技术,将他的“美丽中国”系列摄影作品转化成全高的壁画图案,以强化“人造城市”的概念。

Large movable meeting pods are placed in the public space to ensure maximum flexibility in use. Superimpose collaborated with Belgium photographer Kris Provoost, and developed a tracing technique to translate his ‘Beautified China’ series into full-height huge wall murals to enhance the ‘Man made city’ concept.

▼卡座单元可以自由移动,movable meeting pods ©CreatAR

▼卡座单元内部空间,interior view of the meeting pods ©CreatAR

▼茶水区,recreation area ©Kris Provoost

▼拉门可以完全打开的会议室,meeting room which could be fully open ©Kris Provoost

▼会议室内部,interior of the meeting room ©Kris Provoost

项目名称:成都SOHO 3Q
建筑师:叠术建筑 (
设计团队:Carolyn Leung, Ben de Lange, Ruben Bergambagt. Yunqiao Du, Ana Raluca Timisescu, Arianna Bavuso, Valentin Racko, Xiaoyu Xu, David Tang.
摄影:CreatAR, Kris Provoost
墙面装饰画合作者:Kris Provoost

Name: SOHO 3Q Chengdu
Architect: Superimpose Architecture (
Scope: Interior Design
Project Type: Office
Function: 3Q Co-working Space
Size: 12,000 sqm
Location: Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Status: Completed 2019
Client: SOHO China
Design team: Carolyn Leung, Ben de Lange, Ruben Bergambagt. Yunqiao Du, Ana Raluca Timisescu, Arianna Bavuso, Valentin Račko, Xiaoyu Xu, David Tang,

Photographs: CreatAR, Kris Provoost
Collaborator wall murals: Kris Provoost

More: 叠术建筑。更多关于他们:Superimpose Architecture on gooood

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