Snøhetta Designs Xingtai Grand Theater in China

An important cultural initiative to carry forward the legacy and culture of Xingtai

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邢台是中国历史最悠久的城市之一,同时也是一座迅速发展的现代化城市,大剧院的设计是一项重要的文化举措,旨在发扬城市的遗产和文化。通过置入大环形长廊(Grand Circle Promenade),方案突破了场地的既有边界,在有限的规模中展现出宏伟的姿态。除了剧院本身,项目还将容纳科技博物馆、圆形活动广场以及中央生态公园,旨在形成一个宽敞且充满互动性和创造力的空间。

Snøhetta has won the design competition for the Xingtai Grand Theater in China.
Situated in Xingtai, one of China’s oldest cities, the theater will become a new landmark for the rapidly modernizing city. The Grand Theater is an important cultural initiative to carry forward this city’s legacy and culture.  The design proposal goes beyond the prescribed site boundary, intentionally introducing a larger gesture – the Grand Circle Promenade. This includes not only the Grand Theater, but a science-and technology museum, a circular event plaza and the central eco-park, creating a generous space of interaction and creativity.

▼大剧院空间概览,the Grand Theater interior ©Snøhetta


The design is inspired by the ancient Eastern Chinese philosophy, “Tian Yuan Di Fang”, meaning round sky and square Earth, which is a way of understanding the universe. Emerging from the Grand Circle Promenade is the Xingtai Grand Theater. The city’s name “XING” originated from the Chinese character “a well (井)”, attributed to the city’s early advancement in well technology. “TAI” means platform (台) and originates from the Tai Hang Mountains to the west. The design pays homage to the well and the city’s early advancement in well technology by incorporating the reflective pool at the center of the Grand Circle Promenade.

▼大环形长廊,the Grand Circle Promenade ©Snøhetta


A walkway circles the “well”, embracing the site before spiraling through the theater building, all the way up to its outdoor roof plaza, which provides a view of the new cultural area. The “platform” is represented via multiple podiums incorporated in the design, creating opportunities for both choreographed and live performances. Simultaneously, the building’s ceramic façade pays tribute to Xingtai’s rich porcelain manufacturing history, sweeping across the space and providing shade and cover for the pathway, as well as diffused lighting in the interior lobby. The Grand Theater’s structural slanted columns array at full height along the façade as a singular system, and the circular pathway mitigates itself along a square perimeter, rising to the outdoor roof plaza at 22.5 meters above grade.

▼夜间外观,exterior view by night ©Snøhetta

▼大礼堂,auditorium ©Snøhetta


The Grand Theater aims to serve as a space for performances from all around the world, but also where life and activities organically aggregate around it.

▼夜间立面,facade night view ©Snøhetta

More: Snøhetta。更多关于他们: Snøhetta on gooood

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