‘Smoke’ – beijing design week 2015 by Update Studio

Full of space beauty and artistic conception of oriental culture.

Project Specs


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presented during beijing design week 2015, ‘smoke’ is a spatial installation created by update studio. the piece uses irregular white curved surfaces as the main body, giving it the sensation of white smoke spiraling up the staircase where it was situated. inside the structure, white LED lights were placed, not only illuminating the artwork from its interior, but also deliver connotations that it is a lighting object.

by placing ‘smoke’ in the hole of a spiral staircase, visitors enjoyed the installation from different perspectives, while travel along it. when they arrived at the top of the staircase and looked down, they were presented with the vision of ‘smoke’ overlapped onto itself, filling the space with a strong white aesthetic.

smoke by Update Studio - AH7O0047

smoke by Update Studio - AH7O0054

smoke by Update Studio - AH7O0084     smoke by Update Studio - AH7O0087     smoke by Update Studio - AH7O0099

smoke by Update Studio - AH7O0094

MORE:更新建筑 Update Studio(zhouyou@updatestudio.cn),更多关于他们:Update Studio on gooood

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