SLAB TOWN Café -Shanghai Fumin Road, China by CASE PAVILION

Mirror as the visual structure of the street, interior and courtyard.

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Our barista friend chose to install his first café in an old pavilion in the heart of Shanghai’s former French Concession. Although the interior area is only 20 square meters, it has a neat east-facing street facade and a rare south-facing courtyard.

view from the street © Alessandro WANG

the entrance © Alessandro WANG


As multiple families shared the common space in the history, the neighborhood’s interaction remained complicated, and the terrace was formed to an unusual contour. The courtyard is fascinating with its wild landscape, such an isolated and primitive space right next to the sophisticated and bustling urban texture. After visiting, our first thought was to incorporate this outdoor imagery into the interior layout.

spatial axis side view © CASE PAVILION 案亭

于是在座位和通往露台的踏步之间,我们树立了正对街道的镜面,与划出室外边界的玻璃隔断相交,从而形成联通室内、街景、露台的视觉结构,三者互为嵌套(mise en abyme)。

Therefore, between the indoor seats and the steps leading to the terrace, we built a mirror facing the street. Thus, a visual structure has been created to link the interior, the street and the terrace (Mise en abyme).

boundary between indoor and outdoor space © Alessandro WANG

the bar © Alessandro WANG

the bar and the dining space © Alessandro WANG

detail of the bar © Alessandro WANG


We built a skirting as high as the door with two different materials, and arranged the reflective corrugated aluminum panels on the light-prone walls along the interior centerline. We then used the same panel inverted to create a negative textured light green mortar, which was applied to the backlit wall and wrapped around the concrete seats. These two different approaches have a unified modular rhythm and a strong contrast of textures. This duo material treatment reflect our understanding of indoor-outdoor continuity.

walls at the corner © Alessandro WANG

the juxtaposition of the original windows of the pavilion and the new terrace partition. © Alessandro WANG

the mirror facing the street © Alessandro WANG

the courtyard in the mirror © Alessandro WANG

the partition door freely close and open © Alessandro WANG

views of the courtyard from the outside © Alessandro WANG

detail © Alessandro WANG


The aluminum panels diffuse the reflection of natural light, blended with the warm wall lighting throughout the space. The light green mortar is molded and pressed with the corrugated aluminum panel, together juxtaposed to separate the work area and the guest seating area.

night view © Alessandro WANG

detail of the aluminum panels © Alessandro WANG

detail of the Logo © Bakumaru


项目名称:SLAB TOWN咖啡 上海富民路店
项目设计 & 完成年份:2020.4-2020.6
摄影版权:Alessandro WANG

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