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Capturing the panoramic view to the impressive skyline of Austin

Project Specs

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On a sloping site in West Lake Hills, this house slides in between mature Live Oaks to create a strong connection to nature. The form of the house is long and linear, following the topography of the site and directing the perspective towards impressive views of downtown Austin. Sliding glass doors pocket completely into the walls, creating a 40’ wide opening between the living area and outdoor spaces.

▼顺应地形,建筑拥有一个狭长的线性体量 ©Paul Bardagjy
the form of the house is long and linear, following the topography of the site


Stucco, stone and zinc create a natural and low-maintenance exterior, while floor-to-ceiling glass and deep overhangs make spaces both dramatic and comfortable. Earth toned stucco and cinnamon-colored stone, along with zinc panel siding and black metal accents, make the exterior of the house low-maintenance and give it a character that is polished but natural. Porcelain tile floors run continuously from interior to exterior to reinforce a seamless connection to the outdoors.

▼建筑外观,exterior view ©Paul Bardagjy


Respecting the topography and tree cover was essential, but so was capturing the phenomenal city view. The elements of the house were laid out to create a long, linear form. This allowed the building to slide in among the trees, and also set up the spaces so that each one faced outward to access the generous outdoor spaces and extensive use of floor-to-ceiling glass opening up to the stunning views. Selectively placed clerestory windows bring in additional natural light and frame views of the surrounding treetops.

▼户外平台,outdoor terrace ©Paul Bardagjy

▼户外平台和落地玻璃窗的大量使用带来了开阔的视野 ©Paul Bardagjy
the generous outdoor spaces and extensive use of floor-to-ceiling glass opening up to the stunning views


Extensive preservation of existing tree cover and vegetation, highly efficient building systems (glazing, insulation, etc). The Zinc siding, typically a pricey material, was actually reclaimed from excess material from a commercial project. The house itself “lives large”: efficiently laid out, there is virtually no square footage devoted to hallway or wasted space.

▼入口玄关,the hallway ©Paul Bardagjy

▼卧室视野,view from the bedroom ©Paul Bardagjy

▼卧室外的泳池平台,pool terrace outside the bedroom ©Paul Bardagjy


This was a spec house, so it was the architects working with the builder to develop the program for the house and make decisions together. This process was very unique in that regard – the design is incredibly thoughtful and unique, and without input from an owner, we were challenged to truly design it the way we would want it to be if it were our house. It was a dramatic step up in the local spec home market. It was risky in that it was modern and high-end in a way that had not previously been done in the Austin market, but the builder wanted to do something truly unique, and was committed to executing the design vision of the architect to the fullest extent, and it showed. The home sold immediately, and had a ripple effect of elevating the awareness and demand for high-quality modern residential design in the area.

view to the city skyline from the living room ©Paul Bardagjy

Project size: 5000 ft2
Completion date: 2012
Building levels: 2
Project team: Dick Clark + Associates
Photo:Paul Bardagjy

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