Sky Office, China by MUDA-Architects

Office with city view, sitting in the air, facing the snowy mountains

Project Specs


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Space never simply serves as a container for physical form. But houses soul and spirit. We construct our home with poetic quality. While our home composes part of us with subtlety.

▼视频简介,the video ©MUDA-Architects


Sun rises and sets; the wheel of city life keeps rolling over relentlessly. The tension and pressure have been lingering around the metropolitan worker for long and never fade away. Under such circumstance, what kinds of qualities should we value in the design of working space which occupies 1/3 of our day? The answer from MUDA is straightforward: the space is to be poetic, gentle, heart-warming, and inspiring.

▼160米高空全景晚霞,160m high panoramic sunset © 形在摄影HereSpace


城市框景 | City Framing


▼场地区位,location ©MUDA慕达建筑

At the height of 160 meters and with a 270-degree view, MUDA new office-site is located at the 38th floor of Chengdu China Resources Building, right next to the eastern viaduct of the second ring road. When you look around, you can appreciate the gorgeousness of snow mountains on the west, and the well constructed city skyline and urban footprint. Meanwhile, when you look down, the combination of dynamic and static, modern and ancient, can all be found in the old neighborhood and the traffic streaming along the viaduct.

▼空间与城市框景,Space and city framing © 形在摄影HereSpace


Full-height glazing blur the boundary between the cityscape and office-interior, while the mullions and columns framing the city views with different dimensions and perspectives. MUDA hope its design strategies could be inspired under such scenarios.

▼全景玻璃幕墙,Full-height glazing © 形在摄影HereSpace

▼融合而通透的场景,Transparent Scenarios © 形在摄影HereSpace


空间画卷 | Space Shape


▼原始空间,Original condition ©MUDA慕达建筑

In the original condition, the mechanical equipments occupies almost 1m of the 4.2m floor height. To rebuild the order and invigorate the space, MUDA first removed all the standardized decoration of the office and then added the suspended ceiling with hollowed-out wooden texture grids. In this way, the primitive floor height was preserved, and a well-organized spatial texture was achieved..

▼开放办公区,the open working area © 形在摄影HereSpace


The main consideration for the spatial design was comfortability. To begin with, MUDA selected the wood color as the base and performed it with different materiality on the ceiling, floor and interior façade. At the same time, the white office tables revitalize the space; the bare concrete columns empower its sense of potency and time; the well-designed furniture system and flexible space divisions, compose a contemporary urban Shan-shui painting.

▼从办公区看会客区,View of The Salon from the working area ©形在摄影HereSpace


Following the principle of less is more, the harmony between sensibility and rationality was achieved by the design of material and function, which leads to a heart-warming, pure and tranquil atmosphere. When night falls, cold natural light smoothly transitions into warm interior light, while the translucent wooden louvers providing a sense of ambiguity. In this way, a poem about office space has been well-written.

▼空间长轴画卷,Scroll of space ©形在摄影HereSpace


智能化灯光 | Intelligent Lighting


Intelligent office design is another key feature MUDA achieved. The lighting system in the public area was composed by 400 smart LED lightbulbs. The light temperature and intensity of every single smart LED lightbulb could be remotely controlled by smart phone application with precision. Moreover, the lighting presets enable the office space to freely and automatically switch among daytime mode, lunchbreak mode, nighttime mode, meeting mode, presentation mode and party mode etc… Thus, a fusion of technology, functionality and aesthetic has been accomplished.

▼点阵智能灯泡动图,Smart light bulbs matrix ©形在摄影HereSpace

▼多种场景营造演讲模式动图,Different scenarios: speech ©形在摄影HereSpace


The lighting system design of the new office is an exploration for the positive impact of smart technology on energy efficient system, environment friendly design, and good quality of life. The many possibilities of intelligent design will continuously be explored by Muda in the upcoming working experience.

▼环境冷光与室内暖光相映成趣,Light contrast ©形在摄影HereSpace

▼灯光细部,Details of the Light ©形在摄影HereSpace


功能场域 | Functional Dimensions


▼轴测图  Axonometric drawing ©MUDA慕达建筑

The office space has been divided into several functional dimensions, including entrance, individual office, standard working space, exhibition area, , bar, salon and multi-functional meeting area. Different spots of working area could obtain distinctive views of the city thanks to the open spatiality. Other than the views, the sliding division system provide flexibility for the meeting area and reception area. Besides, the electronic wooden louvers enable the spatiality freely transformed among close, semi-close/semi-open and open.

▼入口,Entrance ©形在摄影HereSpace

▼入口-镜面里的“平行世界”,Parallel world” in the mirror ©形在摄影HereSpace

▼走廊,Aisle ©形在摄影HereSpace

▼吧台区-可变色的发光膜,Bar-variable color luminous film ©形在摄影HereSpace

▼会客区,The Salon ©形在摄影HereSpace


The design of the meeting area was aimed to be creative and revolutionary due to the low efficiency of the conventional meeting room. In this way, the meeting area of the MUDA new office could accommodate different activities such as salon, entertainment (ping-pong), party, model making, material demo, and storage besides holding meetings. Thus, the meeting room becomes the most popular space in the whole office.

▼多功能会议室 Multi-functional Room ©形在摄影HereSpace

▼从多功能会议室看向办公区,view from the Multi-functional Room ©形在摄影HereSpace


材料与细节 | Materiality and Detail


天花构造详图,Detail of ceiling construction ©MUDA慕达建筑

The wooden color serving as the main tone of the space, comes from the wooden suspended ceiling, wooden louvers, reinforced wooden flooring, and customized wooden cabinet etc. Moreover, the roughness of bare concrete and the delicacy of artistic paint composes a gentle melody with white table surfaces, translucent glass divisions, crafty architecture models, and moderate soft decorations.

木纹、混凝土与白色,Wood, concrete and white color  ©形在摄影HereSpace

慕达建筑新办公室的空间设计,希望实现对空间诗学的思考和物理重塑。开放、温暖、通透、舒适、智能,空间以当代视角对它们进行重新诠释。“只有在拥有生存能力后,我们才能建造;居所是人类本能的生理表达,意图在世界上寻找到属于自己的根源。” 与城市发展密切关联的工作场景,更加有助于慕达建筑将对于人、建筑、自然和城市的理解,介入到未来全球化的设计和建造实践之中。

The spatial design of MUDA new office was aimed to reconsider and build up the ambiguity of the space in physical form, from the contemporary aspects of openness, comfortability and intellectualization. “We are only able to construct after to survive; housing is the biological expression of human beings, which suggests the desire to seek for the origin. A working space highly associated with city development would help MUDA to better incorporate its understanding towards humanity, architecture, nature and city within future globalization and design practice.

Wood grain aluminum tube and bare concrete column ©形在摄影HereSpace

 长虹玻璃与木纹百叶; 玻璃、不锈钢与黑色皮革
Curved glass and wooden louvers; Glass, stainless steel and black leather 

▼剖透视,perspective section ©MUDA慕达建筑

▼平面图,Floor Plan ©MUDA慕达建筑

▼软装,Furnishing ©MUDA慕达建筑

项目地点:中国 成都 – 华润大厦
项目类型:办公空间 – 室内设计
建筑事务所: 慕达建筑MUDA-Architects
主持建筑师: 卢昀
摄影:形在空间摄影 贺川

Location: Chengdu, China – China Resources Building
Project Type: Interior Design-Office Space
Design Area: 350 sqm
Design Period: 2021.03 – 2021.05
Architecture Firm: MUDA-Architects
Principal Architect: Lu Yun
Design Team: Li Aidong, Lv Chenyu, Rong Dian
Lighting Design: BPI Lighting Design
Construction Team: Sichuan Chu Feng Architectural Decoration Design Co.
Photography: HereSpace – He Chuan

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