SIRTA Climate & Atmospheric Research Observatory by R architecture

A round facility compromises surveillance, experiment and education

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这座新的气候和大气研究观测站由R architecture设计,位于巴黎-萨克雷校区中,附属于巴黎理工学院。来自法国的建筑事务所提出了圆形平面布局,既满足了功能需求,又与周边景观建立起了全方位的连接。

R architecture designed the new facility of the SIRTA, a climate & atmospheric research observatory located in the Paris-Saclay campus and affiliated to the Polytechnic Institute of Paris. The circular plan proposed by the French architecture office solves an equation of use while establishing a 360° relationship with the landscape.

▼建筑外观,external view of the building ©Cyril-Weiner


This atmospheric research observatory is a French national experimental facility dedicated to climate and environmental research. It is one of the few sites in Europe offering the instrumentation, laboratories, and reception capacities necessary to study atmospheric physico-chemical processes, from the surface to the top of the troposphere to better understand, anticipate and predict heat waves and pollution peaks as well as to find innovative solutions for renewable electricity production.

▼分解轴测图,exploded axonometric ©R architecture

基地面朝巴黎综合理工学院,位于连接校园湖泊北岸和保护树林的草坪中间。R architecture在这里设计了一座向四周伸展的圆形建筑。精心选择的基础形状和审美特征赋予了建筑巨大的自主性,可以更好地完成其所肩负的任务,包括监控、实验和教学。主体建筑呈螺旋形上升,中部的“可视空间”被研究实验室围合,顶层是一片配有器材的平台。

Facing the École Polytechnique, in the centre of a meadow stretching between the north shore of the campus lake and a preserved wood, R designed a round building that radiates towards its environment, both terrestrial and spatial. The chosen elementary form and careful aesthetics give the whole a great deal of autonomy to better ensure all it’s missions: surveillance, experimentation and education. The main building accommodates in an ascending spiral, a central “visibility space” encircled by research laboratories crowned by an instrumented platform.

▼从湖面看向建筑,view to the building through the lake ©Cyril-Weiner

▼从道路看向建筑,view to the building from the road ©Cyril-Weiner


The central space is a versatile place capable of hosting workshops, conferences and public events. Bathed in natural light thanks to a dome pierced at the zenith, it stages the activities of SIRTA and its relationship to the sky. Around this space, a large gallery serves all the research laboratories which are located in a third ring. Glazed on both sides, the workspaces offer tangent views towards the heart of the building and the surrounding nature.

▼多功能空间,versatile place ©Cyril-Weiner

round skylight bringing in natural light ©Cyril-Weiner

▼在空间中进行研讨活动,activity in the space ©Cyril-Weiner

▼连接实验室的走廊,gallery serves the laboratories ©Cyril-Weiner


The interior gallery is extended by a staircase serving the roof equipped with various measuring instruments. This platform is supported by 22 poles located on the edge. At its centre, a technical space emerges by one meter. Like a telephoto lens, this protruding cylinder is coated with polished aluminium that reflects the environment and the sky.

▼通往屋顶的楼梯,stairs towards the rooftop ©Cyril-Weiner

view to the lake from the rooftop covered by polished aluminum ©Cyril-Weiner


A concrete structure and an alternation of solid anodized aluminium panels and full height glazed panels make the building. The concrete is poured in one go. The rhythm is set by the concrete pillars, the aluminium thorns and the steel guardrail of the roof. The exterior gallery which houses a covered circulation also protects the facade from rain and sun.

external view of the building, rhythm set by concrete pillars, the aluminum thorns and the steel guardrail of the roof ©Cyril-Weiner

closer view to the entrance and the facade ©Cyril-Weiner


Rectangular in shape, the outbuilding and parking spaces counterbalance the roundness of the observatory building and wedges the facility to the service road.

▼平面图,plan ©R architecture

▼剖面图,section ©R architecture

▼细部,details ©R architecture

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