Christmas Installation in Starstreet Precinct by AaaM Architects

Weaving Christmas Wonderland 

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圣诞佳节将至,今年星街小区从大自然获取灵感,将藤片以人手编织成缎带,制作出别树一格的圣诞佈置。藤片经过卷曲的手法演变成抽象和放大版的圣诞元素,与小区内葱绿的环境相呼应。由即日起至 2022 年 1 月 2 日,沿著蜿蜒的藤编装饰探索星街小区,您将发现无限的节日惊喜。

This December, Starstreet Precinct is celebrating Christmas with nature in mind. Inspired by the lush greenery and shapes of nature in the neighbourhood, the Christmas installations are handcrafted by rattan woven ribbons that take forms of abstract and larger-than-life Christmas elements. From now till 2 January 2022, follow the meandering rattan ribbons that flow through the Precinct and discover festive surprises and hidden sparkles along the way. 

▼圣诞树外观,external view of the Christmas tree ©1kmStudio Kevin Mak

星街小区致力于建设可持续发展的社区,今年与AaaM Architects合作设计出圣诞装置,以创新环保的方式呈现,将小区打造成远离城市喧嚣的休闲胜地。

Committed to building a more sustainable community, Starstreet Precinct partners with AaaM Architects to curate and design eco-friendly Christmas installations that transform the Precinct into a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

▼位于街区入口的圣诞树,Christmas tree at the entrance of the street ©1kmStudio Kevin Mak

▼沿街圣诞装饰,Christmas decoration along the street ©1kmStudio Kevin Mak


Rattan is used as the main design element due to its strength and flexibility. What really makes it magical is its self-regenerating characteristic, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable material. 

▼藤片编织的圣诞树平面图和立面图,plan and elevation of the rattan woven Christmas tree ©AaaM Architects

▼结构示意,structural diagram ©AaaM Architects


A Star River welcomes you as you enter the Precinct from Queen’s Road East. The 30 meters long Star River is decorated with handcrafted rattan ornaments and fairy lights that will light up your Christmas spirit.

▼闪烁的星河,Star River ©1kmStudio Kevin Mak

▼人们可以在充满节日氛围的星河下休息,people resting under the Star River full of Christmas spirit ©1kmStudio Kevin Mak


Don’t forget to snap a photo in front of the 6 meters tall Christmas tree located in the center of the Precinct. Take a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship of the rattan spiralling up the tree.

▼圣诞树,Christmas tree ©1kmStudio Kevin Mak

▼仰望圣诞树,look up at the Christmas tree ©1kmStudio Kevin Mak

▼圣诞树细部,details of the Christmas tree ©1kmStudio Kevin Mak


As you walk up the slope to Star Street, a larger-than-life rattan Santa hat awaits. You will not want to miss any starry Instagrammable moments to be captured and shared with loved ones.

▼圣诞藤帽外观,external view of the rattan Santa hat ©1kmStudio Kevin Mak

▼人们可以在圣诞帽下拍照留念,people could take a picture under the Santa hat ©1kmStudio Kevin Mak

▼圣诞帽近景,closer view to the Santa hat ©1kmStudio Kevin Mak

▼圣诞帽细部,details of the Santa hat ©1kmStudio Kevin Mak


Right behind the hat, let the rattan shooting star double up blessing and happiness to your Christmas journey in the Precinct.

outdoor seatings and star decorations behind the rattan hat ©1kmStudio Kevin Mak

▼装饰细部,closer view to the decorations ©1kmStudio Kevin Mak

▼流线和装置位置示意,circulation diagram and locations of the installations ©AaaM Architects

▼圣诞藤帽平面图和立面图,plan and elevation of the rattan Santa hat ©AaaM Architects

▼藤帽结构示意,structural diagram of the rattan hat ©AaaM Architects

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