Silverlake Conservatory of Music, LA / Bestor Architecture

Musical village under the roof of Hollywood bowstring truss warehouse.

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Bestor Architecture 建筑事务所为 Silverlake 音乐学院(SCM)在一个充满活力的音乐村中设计了新的教学空间。项目改造了一处经典的好莱坞桁架建筑,保留了仓库的外壳,并在内部重新划分了空间。 SCM 是一个非营利性的音乐教育中心,于 15 年前创办,他们希望在好莱坞大道上建立一个永久性的校址。项目旨在建立一个可以支持各个年龄段的音乐爱好者和音乐家的社区。将独立的小空间植入整个仓库之中,在建筑形成一个新的音乐村庄,为来到这里的人们提供录音棚、练习室、和教学空间。一个温馨的入口空间将街道和内部的音乐村庄连接在一起,以便当地的学校和社区能够抵达好莱坞大道上的这个小天地。

Bestor Architecture’s design for the new Silverlake Conservatory of Music at 4652 Hollywood Boulevard is a vibrant musical village enclosed within the shell of a classic and ubiquitous Hollywood bowstring truss warehouse. SCM, a non-profit music education center, opened their doors 15 years ago and is reestablishing themselves with a permanent new home on Hollywood Boulevard. Designed to support a community of children, adult students, and musicians, free-standing pods are inserted into the warehouse to form a village-like collection of music studios, practice rooms and teaching spaces underneath skylights. A friendly lobby and music shop opens to the street and connects to the bustle of this burgeoning stretch of Hollywood Boulevard, public transportation lines, and local schools.

▼设计保留了老建筑的外观,design preserved the classic facade of the Hollywood warehouse ©Laure Joliet

▼仓库中插入的小空间,free-standing pods are inserted into the warehouse ©Laure Joliet


1931 年建筑原始的砖墙经过精心修复,木质桁架天花板也经过更新,内部装饰形成一种温暖的、充满光彩的音乐创意场所。音乐学院对隔音效果和声学环境的要求比较高,13 间教室和练习室之间由双层墙壁和门窗隔离。木材制作的灯具代替了金属,地毯的也起到了很好的吸音效果。建筑中后部大型的演出专用空间向公众开放,可以容纳 150 为客人,具有强大的灵活性,能够用于从古典、摇滚到合唱等各个类型的音乐表演。

The original brick walls from 1931 have been carefully restored and the wood bowstring truss ceiling has been refreshed to bring warmth and materiality to an interior that is now a light-filled temple of music and creativity. Driven by the need for superior acoustics, the 13 lesson/practice rooms are insulated by double walls and gaskets around windows and doors. Light fixtures are made of wood instead of metal, and carpet absorbs sound from instruments. The large dedicated performance space, which is open to the public and can accommodate 150 guests, is flexible enough to showcase musical performances that range from classical to rock to choir.

▼夹层分隔了建筑的前中后部,a mezzanine structures the front, middle and rare ©Laure Joliet

▼位于建筑后部的开放性的表演空间,large dedicated performance space located at the back of the building ©Laure Joliet

▼设计保留了仓库的桁架结构,the preserved wooden bowstring truss structure ©Laure Joliet

▼正在彩排的孩子们,children are rehearsing ©Laure Joliet

▼小型插入性空间位于建筑前部,the inserted pods at the front of the building ©Ray Kachatorian

▼建筑内部村庄式的设计,the village-like collection of music studios, practice rooms and teaching spaces Left: ©Ray Kachatorian | Right: ©Laure Joliet


▼插入的体块可以承载不同的功能,the inserted space could host different functions


▼体块内部,the interior of the pod ©Laure Joliet

面向好莱坞大道的父母休息室和音乐商店,将 SCM 变成洛杉矶最好步行街上一处令人兴奋的活动中心。相邻的停车场也可用于活动和表演。整个空间都充满颜色和活力,反映了 SCM 的教师和学生富有创意、充满活力的气质。 SCM 的新校址三倍于旧空间的容量,使音乐学院可以招收更多的学生,并为再次上课的音乐爱好者提供更多的娱乐节目。Silverlake 音乐学院是一所非营利性的学校,学校为 35% 的学生资助了全额奖学金,有资格的孩子们在上学期间还可以获得 LAUSD 项目提供的免费午餐。

A parent lounge and music store faces Hollywood Boulevard securing SCM as an exciting hub of activity on one of LA’s best pedestrian streets. The adjacent landscaped parking can also be used for events and performances. There is color and vibrancy throughout the space – reflecting the energized atmosphere of SCM’s creative faculty and students. SCM’s new home triples the capacity of the old space and allows the music conservatory to double its eligible scholarship student roster and offer more music programming for the kids and adults who attend lessons at the Conservatory. The Silverlake Conservatory of Music is a non-profit 501 c3 community music school and serves 35% of their total student body with fully subsidized scholarships for children who qualify for the free lunch program through LAUSD.

▼入口处的音乐商店,the music store faces the street ©Laure Joliet

▼音乐商店中为父母设计的休息室,the parent lounge besides the music store ©Laure Joliet

Bathrooms covered in custom wallpaper designed by Bestor Architecture
Floors: Cork: Gerbert Limited
Paint: Interior: Atrium White, Benjamin Moore; Blackboard and Whiteboard Paint: Rust-Oleum
Wood: plywood paneling
Tile: Dal Tile: Arctic White; Cle Tile: cement tile
Carpet: Tretford: Dapple Grey
Lighting: Decorative Swing Arm Wall Sconce: rejuvenation Hardware “Reed:
Decorative wall sconce: Schoolhouse Electric Supply & Co
Pendant mounted neutral white downlight in group lesson rooms: WILA
Dimmable decorative pendant: CB2
Decorative fixture in gallery: Rejuvenation Hardware “Laurelhurst”
Dimmable decorative pendant in ensemble space: Niedhardt
LED High Bay in ensemble space: Cooper Lighting by Eaton

Architect: Bestor Architecture
Team: Barbara Bestor, FAIA, Bianca Gavrila, Henry Cheung, Elinor Nissley
Landscape Design: Bestor Architecture
Team: Michelle Frier
Structural Engineering: RSE Associates
Contractor: Shangri-La Construction
Photographer: Laure Joliet and Ray Kachatorian

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