Signs, Thailand By Akkara Naktamna

‘Signs’ is likely to confirm their growing sense of an organic doomsday conspiracy under imagination of the photographer.

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梦魇,原始性和某些深刻的印象以细微而富有魅力的形式展现。对于恐怖小说迷,这个奇幻世界的启示以及其他灵异事件来说,Akkara Naktamna这组看似简单的作品“天兆”仿佛是世界末日阴谋的证据。如Akkara Naktamna所说:“丰富的街拍经验使我对环境中的现象和周围的改变非常敏感。我经常遇到一些奇怪的,甚至灵异的事件。环境中的一些要素比如植物,在贪婪的吞噬城市垃圾,然后突变成巨大的怪物,逐渐毁灭周围的一切。他们好似在等待一个契机来报复破坏自然的人。很多日常生活中常见的,迟缓的毫无生命特征的迹象被我们忽视,然而在密切的监视下,你能发现他们给彼此偷偷发出了信号。这一切就像是常常以悲剧结尾的世界末日电影一样。”

Nightmarish, primeval and strong images captured with beauty and precision. For fans of horror sci-fi, the apocalypse and other mysteries of the Intelligent Universe, Akkara Naktamna’s simple but eye-opening series ‘Signs’ is likely to confirm their growing sense of an organic doomsday conspiracy. As Ankara says: “My experience in street photography made me sensitive to phenomena and changes around us. I often encounter weird, even eerie, environmental elements, such as various plants that, gorged on the city’s pollution, burst into gigantic mutant creepers, steadily devouring everything around them. They seem to be biding their time to wreak vengeance upon nature-destroying man. Many things we meet in daily life appear inert and lifeless and so are overlooked. Closer scrutiny reveals that they’re furtively signaling each other, emitting unfathomable messages, as in some scene from a horror sci-fi doomsday movie, the kind that always end in tragedy.”
















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