Shrine of Whatslove, China by Wutopia Lab

China’s first all carbon-fiber structure designed architecture.

Project Specs


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▼项目视频,project video

Wutopia Lab 在浙江桐庐青龙坞委托大界机器人完成了为上海风语筑展示股份有限公司设计的中国第一栋全碳纤维结构建筑—结缘堂(Whatslove)

Wutopia Lab collaborated with RoboticPlus.AI to build China’s first all carbon-fiber structure designed for Fengyuzhu in Qinglongwu, the Shrine of Whatslove

▼项目外观,external view of the project


Set my own theme


I have always wanted architecture to be a tool to inspire us to think about some of the dilemmas of real life. I intend to discuss topic of love and marriage with Shrine of Whatslove, which has been confusing us for thousands of years. This time design comes before site. Hui LI, the chairman of Fengyuzhu, agreed to put Shrine of Whatslove at the entrance of Drifting Cloud,his first Cultural and Creative Complex project.

▼鸟瞰图,项目位于乡村广阔的自然中,aerial view of the project located in the natural environment of the countryside


Abandon materiality


Love should be a beautiful and pure thing, but in reality it is always wrapped in layers of matter. I decided to abandon materiality. I first formed the building directly with integrated triangle. The triangle as a motif also represents the original architectural prototype, shape of the shed built by ancestors. Giving up concrete, steel, glass or wood to build the knot, inspired by the “Zhusiyingshe” a Chinese traditional culture wrapping red line around the idol for good luck, I used a red line to weave a shrine. The shrine is more a visual image of a red line than a physical space, it does not need to shelter from the wind.

▼红线缠绕成的三角形建筑,triangle-shaped architecture interweaved by red lines

▼项目没有实体的物理空间,more a visual image than a physical space

▼项目细部,details of the project


7,200 meters long red line


My design is to weave the entire structure of the shrine with a continuous red line. We chose to use carbon-fiber as red line. Using digital technology and robot control algorithms to complete the  4 meters high and 3.8 meters wide, large-scale structure in one-time molding, and distributes the density of materials through effective geometric optimization algorithms to maximize the performance efficiency of building structures. With the original and unique multi-layer composite space structure weaving technic, the density is controlled at 18KG per cubic meter and the bearing capacity of 400kg is achieved. Yes, Shrine of Whatslove is not the same as the carbon-fiber pavilion you used to see. It has floor slabs that can carry at least 4 people and can be overhanged so that the shrine seems floating in the air.

▼分解轴测图,exploded axonometric


After a month of testing, using 7200 meters of continuous carbon fiber bundles, RoboticPlus.AI weaved the red Shrine of Whatslove in 90 hours.

▼机器人编织过程,construction process


A flame that can walk in


Shrine of Whatslove is like a flame that you can walk in, but full of metaphors, like the red line of Chinese god of love. I don’t want a strong building to prove the so-called love and marriage. You stand there and feel a little shake, you are not sure if this is a cage or a fortress, fragile or strong. You are curious, maybe some panic. But it is beautiful and cannot be rejected.

▼项目夜景,如一团红色的火焰,night view of the project like red flame

▼镜面底座反射建筑,形成缥缈之感,mirrored plate under the project reflecting the red figure, creating an unreal feeling


The executive team installed the 140 kg of flame-like installation on the roadside in hills of Qinglongwu in one day and a half. Shrine of Whatslove is a sacred space in countryside, a sacred space that does not need to consider status, wealth, age, and gender. Anyone, you, sporadically in this narrow sacred space, think about what love and marriage are, and decide whether you have the courage to make a promise that does not require others to evaluate.

▼带有神圣感的空间,a sacred space in the countryside


Test your life


You will adapt to this red-woven building, surrounded by landscapes that can be touched, everything is quiet. In the illusion of this illusion, you can use your mobile phone to scan the QR code in the middle of the shrine and shake your sign to test your life. Whether it is good or bad, life is holy, and life is joy.

▼给人以独特体验的空间,a space gives people unique feeling


Off topic


I always feel that the country has a cultural structure that transcends the city and can truly rejuvenate. This red flame-like shrine, I see it as a revival of fire.

▼机器编织图解,diagram of the working process of the machine arm

设计公司: Wutopia Lab
主持建筑师: 俞挺
项目建筑师: 孙丽然
业主: 上海风语筑展示股份有限公司(股票代码:603466)
项目: 放语空乡宿文创综合体/流云项目
数字化建造: 大界机器人(赖冠廷,梁喆,黄培宜,黄梓洵,哈玉宏)
结构顾问: 和作结构建筑研究所(张准)
照明设计: 张晨露
位置: 青龙坞,桐庐,中国
面积: 6.8平方米
材料: 碳纤维
建成时间: 2019年3月14日
摄影: 风语筑,CreatAR Images
视频: 风语筑

Project Name: Shrine of Whatslove
Firm: Wutopia Lab
Chief Architect: YU Ting
Project Architect: Liran SUN
Client: Fengyuzhu
Project: The Cultural and Creative Complex of Fangyukong Guesthouse/ Drifting Cloud
Digital Construction: RoboticPlus.AI (Kuan-Ting LAI, Zhe LIANG, PeiYi HUANG, Zixun HUANG, Yuhong HA)
Structural Consultant: Structure AND Architecture OFFICE (Zhun ZHANG)
Lighting Consultant: Chloe ZHANG
Location: Qinglongwu, Tonglu,China
Area: 6.8 sqm
Material: Carbon fiber
Project Year: 2019.03
Photography: Fengyuzhu, CreatAR Images
Video: Fengyuzhu

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