Short Sentence, Shanghai by Woodo Studio

Modern natural interior spaces built with new art elements

Project Specs


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木斗设计为国内独立女装设计师品牌Short Sentence打造了位于上海安垦园区全新的办公室。设计概念以“框景花园”来展开,项目选址在四周被绿植景观包围之中,客户和设计师的愿望是保持内外平静的关系,和尽可能少的对比。

Woodostudio has created a new office located in Shanghai ANKEN Park for Short Sentence, which is a local independent womenswear design brand. The design concept starts with a “framed garden”. The site is sur-rounded by green landscape. The desire of client and designer is to main-tain a calm relationship between inside and outside with little contrast as possible.

▼室内概览,Overview of the interior space ©Yuuuun studio


The result is ultimately a uniform concept, serene and simple use of natural using stable raw materials to create space. Function works clev-erly to create aesthetic feeling.

▼入口区域,Space at the entrance © Yuuuun studio

▼橱柜提供储存空间,Cabinets for storage ©Yuuuun studio

▼可移动屏风分隔空间,Removable screens in the space ©Yuuuun studio


The floating of the large sliding door achieves spatial flow changes © 木斗设计

Modern natural interior spaces built with new art elements, using beige, wood colors and gray as the main visual tone. The symmetry of the space is established through a range of architectural elements. Soft tones and materials are chosen to enhance realism and comfort. The rough and per-fect natural birch plywood materials give the office a homey feel of famili-arity, primitive and unpretentious. The core of modern simplicity is re-straint.

▼办公区外的公共空间,Public space outside the office area ©Yuuuun studio

▼随着移门移动会消失的logo,The logo disappears as the door moving ©Yuuuun studio

▼办公区域,Office area ©Yuuuun studio

▼木制阳光板屏风围合空间,Custom-made sun panel screens enclosing space ©Yuuuun studio

▼形成流动空间,The space in circulation ©Yuuuun studio


From the inside out, or from the outside in, the creation of Woodo Studio is always closely related to the horizontal scale, and more importantly the dialogue during the design process.

▼换衣间,The fitting room ©Yuuuun studio

▼休息角落,Rest area ©Yuuuun studio


To achieve a predetermined comfort atmosphere, the designer applied walls and a warm, subtle palette. A series of custom-made sun panel screens with special design can be fully opened.

▼木制阳光板屏风,custom-made sun panel screens ©Yuuuun studio

▼细部,details ©Yuuuun studio


Many changes of moving lines and surfaces are designed carefully so that the space has great visual permeability and flexibility from inside to out-side.

▼透过玻璃看大会议室,View of the large conference room through the glass ©Yuuuun studio

▼大会议室的推拉门,Sliding doors of the large conference room ©Yuuuun studio

▼看向大会议室内部,View of the large conference room ©Yuuuun studio

▼大会议室四周布置座椅,Seats around the large conference room ©Yuuuun studio

▼小型会议室,Small conference room ©Yuuuun studio

▼小型会议室细部,Details ©Yuuuun studio


The whole project adopts a relatively restrained and weakened design, giving way to the functionality of the space and removing the superfluous decoration. Give space back to the interior area and nature. The circulation of the space in circulation is very pleasant and advanced.

▼原创家具细节,Original furniture details ©Yuuuun studio

▼螺丝钉和万向轮制作细节,Details of the original screw and universal wheel production ©Yuuuun studio

▼橱柜细节,Details of the cabinet ©Yuuuun studio

▼平面图,plan © 木斗设计

项目名称: Short Sentence 办公室/上海
客户名称:Short Sentence (短句)
工作室: Woodo Studio(木斗设计)
完工日期: 2021.7
设计主创: 王卫、Elsie
项目地址: 上海
建筑面积: 330㎡
材料品牌: 水泥漆、桦木多层板、波浪型PC板
家具供应: HAY、Woodo Studio制作、上海琦世家具制造有限公司
摄影: Yuuuun studio

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