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Shanghai NIO House is located in Shanghai Tower, the highest building in China. Its special significance and importance are self-evident. It is a window oriented to various cultures in the world, and the fantastic journey of this ultra-high building has also become the most dazzling urban name card for Shanghai. Architecture Studio defines this location as a stage for NIO to display its unique charms to visitors, performing the stories of the sky and the future.

▼展厅外观,external view of the exhibition hall ©Rawvision Studio


NIO“圈” – 温暖的社区
NIO “Circle” – Warm Community

上海中心作为地标建筑,其独有的地理位置,吸引慕名而来的人群,如何将NIO HOUSE打造为一个不仅仅作为上海地标性的用户中心,更是一个面向全国游客及路人能够留下深刻印象的场所,是面临的主要课题。工作室在展厅的设计中提出了NIO“圈”的概念,她既是NIO文化中的开放、未来的交流圈,也是人们生活、办公的体验圈。

As a landmark building of Shanghai, Shanghai Tower attracts various visitors with its unique geo-location. The studio faces the following major subject: how can we build NIO HOUSE into a user center that is representative of this Shanghai landmark, as well as a site which can leave behind profound impression by both tourists and passers-by. In the design of the gallery, we had proposed a concept of NIO “Circle”. It represents an open and future communication circle of the NIO culture as well as a circle for people’s life and office experience.

▼展厅中间设置NIO“圈”,NIO “Circle” in the middle of the exhibition space ©Rawvision Studio



“NIO Circle” also defines an exhibition space, which is similar to an urban stage. Against the backdrop of the Shanghai Tower, it displays itself to tourists and visitors from all over the world. The design of the “Mini Train” seat echoes the ceiling mirror. It can also move freely along the track, providing users with the best experience effect and creating a warm community with a sense of science and technology.

▼NIO“圈”,座椅与天花镜面相呼应,NIO “Circle”, seat echoes the ceiling mirror ©Rawvision Studio


The stainless steel of the ceiling mirror provides users with visual angles of unique interest, making “NIO Circle” more vivid and greater sense of science and technology.

▼天花镜面提供独特的视角,mirrored ceiling provides unique visual angles ©Rawvision Studio


In terms of materials, we have selected minimal satin stainless steel to create the entrance and the exhibition area, matching ground plain terrazzo and some maple materials. The mutual combination of minimalism and nature makes up a comfortable and distinct material language.

▼极简的展示区,exhibition area at the entrance made of minimal satin stainless steel ©Rawvision Studio


用户区 – 城市客厅
User Areas – Living Room


User areas pay attention to user experience while emphasizing spatial temperature. In terms of layout, user areas organically combine the open and private functions in space through the use of the existing structural pillars of the skyscraper. This ensures the mobility and flexibility of spatial use at the same time.

▼用户区入口,entrance of the user areas ©Rawvision Studio

▼开放的空间保证使用的流动性与灵活性,open space with flexibility ©Rawvision Studio



We have taken full consideration of the site restriction in user areas, and laid the emphasis of design on the transformation of free and flexible flowing spaces: the forum area and the living area can be divided freely, and LAB area and the living area can be interchanged freely. Likewise, the coffee break area can also be used as the extension of the library. The main material for user areas is warm maple, which allows users to experience the tranquility and carefree atmosphere of a home. The matching plain terrazzo ground and walls maintains a minimal style that coincides with the exhibition hall, without losing its details and temperature.

▼不同区域可以自由切换,flowing space without fixed partition ©Rawvision Studio

▼会议室,meeting room ©Rawvision Studio

人们在这里收获惊喜与赞叹的同时,可以感受到NIO HOUSE内的自然与舒适,在此,人、车、空间一起,共同形成了一个温暖的家庭,一个未来的窗口,成为NIO用户在上海中心的专属社区。

While being admired and surprised here, visitors can also feel the naturalness and comfort inside the NIO HOUSE. Here, people, vehicles and spaces constitute a warm family and a future window together, forming an exclusive community of NIO users in the Shanghai Tower.

▼展示区平面图,plan of the exhibition area ©Architecture-Studio

▼用户区平面图,plan of the user areas ©Architecture-Studio

主创及设计团队:René-Henri ARNAUD,应朝君、潘莉、黄志刚
项目地址:上海 中国
摄影版权:Rawvision Studio

Project Name: Shanghahi NIO House
Design: Architecture Studio
Website: www.architecture-studio.fr
Contact e-mail: as.co@architecture-studio.com.cn
Design & Completion Year: 2017 design start, 2018 completion
Leader Designer & Team: René-Henri ARNAUD, YING Chaojun, PAN Li, HUANG Zhigang
Project location: Shanghai China
Gross Built Area: 1018.1m2
Photo Credits: Rawvision Studio
Clients: Shanghai NIO Autombile Co., Ltd

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