Shanghai Auto Expo Park RV Club, China by NATURALBUILD

Spacial ambiguity between exclusiveness and inclusiveness.

Project Specs


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The building sits in a Recreational Vehicle campground at the north of the Shanghai Auto Expo Park. Since 1936 when the first Airstream “Clipper” was born in California, RV camping has been winning wide popularity among western families. Loved by a small part of Chinese families, RV is considered to have great potential in China. With the support from SAIC(Shanghai International Automobile City), the building was not only conceived to be a management support for the campground, but also a culture club that promote the RV lifestyle to a wider audience.

▼西南入口外景,southwest view of the building


The irregular quadrangle footprint reacts to its surroundings. The closed back blocks the city traffic to its north, while the open façade faces the greenery of the park on the south. This club is intended for both the club members and the general public, therefore the buildingis seeking a balance between exclusiveness and inclusiveness. The structural design further enforces spatial ambiguity; vertical loads are supported by steel members, while sheer forces are managed by the Douglas fir structural system that are used from the facade walls to the pitched roof. Steel I-beams are being used in areas with large span, freed from load bearing walls and slabs. The upper part of the double height wall is lined with perforated panels to subtly connect the spaces on the two sides when light shines through and reveals the steel frame inside. As a result, the building is hybrid of a house and a pavilion.

▼东南外景,south east view of the building

▼北侧街景,较为封闭,north view of the building with closed facade

▼接待空间和广场,entrance plaza and reception

▼活动空间和绿地,activity space and greenery

▼从前台区域看内部空间,view from the reception

▼主活动空间,main activity space

▼吧台区域看向内部空间,view from the bar

▼连续的木结构与悬浮楼板,continuous wooden structure and suspending floor slab

▼连续的木结构与钢梁,continuous wooden structure and steel beam

▼模型研究 – 叠加,model study – overlap

▼模型研究 – 空间与结构,model study – space and structure

▼总平面图,site plan

▼一层平面图,ground floor plan




设计时间:2016.11 – 2017.10
建造时间:2017.07 – 2018.01

主持建筑师:水雁飞 苏亦奇 马圆融
参与建筑师:吕远 Jeffrey Wong
结构设计: 和作结构建筑研究所/张准
机电设计: 陈哲 陆鹏飞 周超逸

层数: 地上二层
基地面积: 1918m2
建筑面积: 426m2

Project Name: Shanghai Auto Expo Park RV Club
Location: 7555 Boyuan Road, Jiading, Shanghai
Client: Shanghai International Automobile City (Group) Co.,Ltd

Design Period: 2016.11 – 2017.10
Construction Period: 2017.07 – 2018.01

Partners in Charge: Shui Yanfei, Su Yichi, Ma Yuanrong
Project Architect: Zhang Wenting
Project Team: Lv Yuan, Jeffrey Wong
Structural Engineer: AND Office, Zhang Zhun
MEP Enginineers: Chen Zhe, Lu Pengfei, Zhou Chaoyi
Photo Credits: Chen Hao

Storey: 2
Site Area: 1918m2
Building Area: 426m2
Structure: Steel and wood composite structure

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