September Saigon 2 – The Wind Blows by Red5studio + Ben Decor

The wind and the nest

Project Specs


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September is the cafe brand that Red5 has accompanied from the first coffee shop. At the next coffee shop, we bring the story of “The Wind and the Nest” to continue the story “Autumn and Fall Leaves” from the previous store.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view of the project ©Phú Đào

▼沿街外观,external view along the street ©Phú Đào


With the current status of two adjacent houses, off-floor dams connected, we want to create a nest with many nooks and crannies throughout the two houses. With the advantage of width and height, the facade repeats the bird’s nest’s image with a different perspective and uses many surrounding steel systems. The circles hanging in the facade will move as the wind blows like a symbolic image of birds on a branch.

▼设计过程,design process ©Red5studio

▼立面设计,facade design ©Red5studio

▼立面近景,closer view to the facade ©Phú Đào

▼与鸟巢相关的元素,elements with the concept of nest ©Phú Đào


To create the familiar and characteristic feeling of September, we use gentle neutral tones such as white, beige, rose-orange, natural wood colors. Besides, the circular image and the curve reminded through the glass holes of the entrance, stairs, on the wall or even just the tiny details on the furniture. The wind’s image is led by curves in space, through the ceiling, walls, and floor, creating a light feeling like a breeze spreading into each corner.

▼入口,entrance ©Phú Đào

▼室外座位,outdoor seatings ©Phú Đào


Regarding the layout of the space, the ground floor with the spirit of bringing the garden into the house creates an “indoor but outdoor” feeling suitable for guests to sit fast or sit around the bar looking at mixing. The 2nd and 3rd-floor areas are for those who sit longer or go in groups. If the rooftop is an aerial garden, the lamp section is like a branch supporting the nest, and this is also the highlight of the space for those who love to check in and is the smoking area.

▼一层空间概览,overall view of the first floor space ©Phú Đào

▼一层座位区,seating space on the first floor ©Phú Đào

▼室内座椅延续到室外,interior seatings extending to the outside ©Phú Đào

▼楼层交错的室内空间,interior space with staggered floors ©Phú Đào

▼二层座椅区,seating space on the second floor ©Phú Đào

▼可以看向楼下的吧台,bar counter with view to the lower level ©Phú Đào

▼弧形的空间和家具,curved space and furniture ©Phú Đào

▼空间尽头设有弧形窗口,curved window at the end of the space ©Phú Đào

▼通向三层的楼梯,stair case connecting to the third floor ©Phú Đào

▼从楼上俯视一层空间,look down at the first floor space from the upper levels ©Phú Đào

▼三层就餐区,连接室外露台,seating space on the third floor connecting to the outdoor terrace ©Phú Đào

▼弧形墙面与开洞,curved wall and openings ©Phú Đào

▼三层室外露台,outdoor terrace on the third floor ©Phú Đào

▼通向屋顶露台的拱门,arched door connecting to the roof terrace ©Phú Đào

▼屋顶露台,roof terrace ©Phú Đào

▼从上层露台俯视下层露台,view to the lower terrace from the upper one ©Phú Đào

▼围绕空间的钢制构件细部,closer view to the steel system around the space ©Phú Đào


The entire furniture and space had inspired by bird’s nests, curves, branches, birds on branches or simply a tiny dot circle, all creating a bird’s nest in the heart of the city.

▼空间和家具细部,details of the space and furniture ©Phú Đào

▼透过圆形开口的视线连接,visual connections through the circular openings ©Phú Đào

▼夜景,night view ©Phú Đào

Design & Build: Red5studio + Ben Decor
Client: September Saigon
Partner: Ben Decor, A Thông, Zero Furniture, Jati Tile, Nhật Phương
Concept: Lại Chính Trực
Design Team: Lại Chính Trực, Nguyễn Vịnh Nhi, Trần Thị Kim Duyên, Phạm Hoàng Duy Nhân
Area: 260 m2
Location: 47-49 Vĩnh Hội, Quận 4, Tp. Hồ Chí Minh
Photo: Phú Đào

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