The alternation of solid and void, leading to the discussion of changing

Project Specs


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“Any space should not just be used for targeted groups of people, It should be artistic, as part of the art of living.”

▼入口和展览空间,entrance and exhibition area


开端 | Beginning


As talented street barbers have become an urban legend while people are used to have their haircut done in those stereotype chain of barbers, a styling salon that can offer a sense of edgy is what urban youth are run after.

▼室内概览,interior overview

▼从剪发区望向收银台,view to the cash area from the hair cutting area

「 意念造型 SENSE SALON 」 作为一家在成都近20年的造型机构,伴随着国内时尚行业的发展。也因为这样的伴随,才能多一份理解。

As a local styling agency in Chengdu for nearly 20 years, SENSE SALON has followed the development of fashion industry in China and got to be more involved because of this companion.

▼剪发区,hair cutting area

▼剪发区休息座位,seats in the hair cutting area

▼室内细部,interior detailed view

▼墙面细部,wall detail


蜕变 | Changing


In modern life, a change of hairstyle can be as a part of everyone’s essential. It is the way of every individual with various character treats his own life on. Whether to people or to space decoration, changing is the eternal theme of becoming better.

▼烫发区,hair perming area

▼室内细部,interior detailed view

▼于空间之中,再筑空间,In space, create spaces.


Differing from the traditional way of dividing space by solid walls, the way of using matrix brick with a progressive arrangement of layers seems to be more applicable. It’s like a journey of transformation. The next chapter, the alternation of real and virtual, continues the discussion of changing of materials.

▼剪发区,hair-cutting area



方圆 | Geometry


Squares and circles are the geometric clues that implicitly define this space, maintaining the order in exploration. Meanwhile, this space has been deconstructed in this particular order, keeping its balance while those squares and circles are freely flowing in space.

▼方与圆在探索与变化中形成秩序,squares and circles maintain the order in exploration


光影 | Light and shadow


To achieve believable indoor lighting the entire material and shading system is updated for enhanced realism,in order to polish distinct light and shadow of each moment and eventually give it back to time. However, those freedom gained from time, we truly believe, is the respect of design for perception.


▼门店外观细部,store front detail


延续 | Continuing


In terms of functional requirements, the superimposed space could be treated as both separate and continuous. People’s awareness of things could be both fuzzy and clear, according to multiple perspective views. Yet,the real continuation gradually occurs when the excessive deliberation reduces.

▼叠加的空间,the superimposed space

▼天花板细部,ceiling detail

▼设计概念,design concept


项目名称:SENSE SALON 意念造型
设计方:元太ARCHETYPE Design Organization
项目设计 & 完成年份:2019年6月 & 2019年9月
品牌:Van Der Rohe 凡德罗

Project Information
Project Complete:Sep.2019
Space Design:ARCHETYPE Design Organization
Design in Charge:Louis 廖晋南
Space Design:
Kelvin 管庆凯 | Colin 蔡同斌 | KK 康楚云
Photographer: Here Space Photography
Furniture Supplier:Van Der Rohe

More:元太设计(联系邮箱。更多关于他们:ARCHETYPE on gooood

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