School House by eklund_terbeek architects

Transform a century-old school building into loft apartments

Project Specs


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鹿特丹建筑事务所eklund_terbeek architects在1912年的校舍内设计了loft空间,通过集体私人委托,该校舍已被改造成六套公寓。eklund_terbeek建筑事务所负责整栋楼的改造,并进一步设计了其中一套公寓。

Rotterdam based firm eklund_terbeek architects designed a spatial loft in a former school building from 1912. The building has been transformed into six apartments through Collective Private Commissioning. eklund_terbeek architects were responsible for the transformation of the whole building and designed one apartment in detail.

▼项目外观,exterior view ©René de Wit


The apartment consists of two former classrooms and the adjacent hallway zone. The wall between the two classrooms is removed to create a large loft-like living space. The ceiling height of five meters offered possibilities for creating new intermediate floors and more intimate areas. In addition to the characteristic mushroom shaped windows between classroom and corridor a few strategically placed new openings create sightline and increase the sense of spatiality and light.

▼室内一览:大型loft式生活空间 ©René de Wit
preview: a large loft-like living space


In the living space a white box is suspended from the ceiling, creating a lower and more intimate sitting area underneath. Inside the box the workspace is situated, which can be reached by a stair hidden behind the large bookshelves. The workspace has a private atmosphere, with views directed towards the garden, but is yet part of the living. A small opening provides an overview of the kitchen and dining area underneath. The kitchen, mainly consisting of a large concrete island, is placed in the high part at the opposite end of the living space. An oversized extractor hood, suspended from one of the loadbearing beams, “mirrors” the workspace box on the other side.

▼入口区域,entrance area ©René de Wit

▼白色盒子悬在空中,the white box hanging in the air ©René de Wit

▼盒子下方的休息区,sitting area under the box ©René de Wit

▼盒子内部的工作区,workspace in the box ©René de Wit

▼双侧开窗提升视线流通和采光效果,open windows on both sides to enhance the sight and light ©René de Wit

▼厨房&用餐区,kitchen & dining area ©René de Wit

▼混凝土岛台与悬挂抽油烟机 ©René de Wit
the concrete island and the suspended extractor hood


In the adjacent hallway zone, a mezzanine floor is added to provide space for two bedrooms. The bedrooms have low ceilings and alcove beds. Both rooms have interior windows with a connection to the entrance hall or the living space. On the ground floor a box containing a walk-in-closet and the stairs to the bedrooms divides the space in entrance hall and bathroom. The main part of the bathroom is designed as a circulation space, directly connected to the dining area, but can be closed off for privacy. The five original school toilets are given different functions and are integrated in the new bathroom. A mirror across the rear wall of the bathroom makes it possible to experience the original length of the school hallway, with its ten toilet doors.

▼走廊区域,hallway zone ©René de Wit

▼卧室,bedroom ©Jansje Klazinga

▼浴室,bathroom ©Jansje Klazinga

▼贯穿浴室后墙的镜面,the mirror across the rear wall of the bathroom ©René de Wit


The interior of the apartment merges old and new, contemporary and traditional, refined and rough into a balanced whole. When possible the original details of the school are preserved. Walls and loadbearing beams are rendered white and the rough concrete ceiling is exposed to add contrast and texture and increase spatiality. A family of interior elements in dark walnut wood, such as the large bookshelves, the dining table and the kitchen closets, provide warmth and a sense of continuity. In the hallway zone the original yellow glazed brickwork is preserved. In the monumental entrance a complementing walnut panel serves as a focal point and in the bathroom a contrasting matte anthracite tile is added.

▼平面图,plans ©eklund_terbeek architects

▼剖面图,sections ©eklund_terbeek architects

Design: eklund_terbeek architects, Rotterdam
Project architects: Dominique ter Beek, Jenny Eklund
Contact email:
Completion Year: 2017

Built Area: 200m2
Contractor Casco: Maasbouw, Ridderkerk
Contractor Interior: BDS, Oud Oublas
Fixed Furniture: Unger Beerends, Rotterdam
Construction: IMD Rotterdam
Text: eklund_terbeek architects

Photography: René de Wit, Jansje Klazinga

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