SAVERNAKE ROAD Flat by Alexander Martin Architects

Close to the most beautiful park in London

Project Specs

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Located on the border of Hampstead Heath in Camden, the brief for the extension of this single storey garden flat required three bedrooms and an improved relationship with the garden.

▼公寓立面,Flat facade ©Simone Bossi


Bordered by the Overground railway line and adjacent dwellings, the site boundary was enhanced, providing a private enclosure within which interior and landscaping are carefully orchestrated to soften the relationship between inside and outside. Two extension blocks are the key architectural elements, divided by a full-height entrance door which marks the threshold between the bedrooms and utility spaces arranged to the front of the property, and the living area opening to the garden.

▼公寓入口,Entrance ©Simone Bossi

▼与公园连通的公寓后部空间,The rear space of the apartment is connected to the park ©Simone Bossi

▼后院与周围环境,Backyard and surroundings ©Simone Bossi

▼从入口向外看,Look out from the entrance ©Simone Bossi


▼从扩建的起居空间看向后院,View from the extended living space onto the backyard ©Simone Bossi

▼与公园相连的后院,A backyard connected to the park ©Simone Bossi

▼起居空间与外部间的柔和过渡,Soft transition between living space and exterior ©Simone Bossi

The floor levels of the extension were lowered to improve ceiling heights, and in turn, define a large exterior patio. Openings were carefully positioned to provide good natural daylighting. A palette of grey render, white marble & Oak flooring was used, which contrasts the existing stock brick, and contributes to the tranquillity of the space.

▼餐厅区域,The dining area ©Simone Bossi

▼空间细部,Details ©Simone Bossi

▼储物柜,Store content ark ©Simone Bossi

▼入口空间细部,Details in the entrance ©Simone Bossi

▼平面图,Plan ©Alexander Martin Architects

▼剖面图,Section ©Alexander Martin Architects

Location: Camden, London, UK
Client: Private
Status: Completed 2018
Photography: Simone Bossi

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