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The atmosphere is infused with unique natural light.

Project Specs


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San Arialdo,一个位于小社区中的超小教堂。其中家具朴实无华,氛围被独特的自然光侵染,教徒小群聚集于此祈祷。

San Arialdo is the name of a small chapel located in Velate, a small community in Varese.

It was presented to us as a lecture room in the parish house used by the children to prepare the communion.


The room, modest and simple in its shape, spontaneous in its furniture, though flooded by an intense natural light, has been used in the previous years as a space where a small group of believers gathered to pray. Among them a careful and sensible person residing in the community, addressed our studio to do a requalification project.

The appeal of the place was immediately obvious so our first approach was to listen respectfully with the aim of maintaining the historic memory and the spontaneity of the place.



The project’s aim has been to understand the spirit of the space, reorganizing it and emphasizing the quality of the light coming from the southern wall which is completely windowed. The choice was to realize some wide frames upholstered by white textile in order to regulate the sunbeams during the various hours of the day creating a celestial nave in the direction of the alter.



家具造型极为简练,教徒区是深色的地板和深色的座椅,圣台区域则是浅色-浅色的地面墙面,白色的家具。挂在浅灰色墙上的十字架由艺术家Giorgio Vicentini的创作,其多层次,扭曲的表面线条和张力造型显示出对赤诚信念与宗教之本的深刻理解。

The holy furnitures have been redesigned conserving only the original benches with their canonical shape and their dark color which seem to request remaining fastened to the existing floor.

A wooden cross, created by the artist Giorgio Vicentini, is placed on the wall behind the alter. In the tension and vibration of its shape it appears as an admirable summary of the honest and original auspices which the cross symbolize.




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