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Dining in the space with a warm palette

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建筑事务所Project M Plus与Inland Empire的首家美食酒吧The Salted Pig合作,重新设计了The Salted Pig位于美国加州Riverside的餐厅,致力于将其改造为该品牌的首个多功能餐饮空间。

Project M Plus partnered with Inland Empire’s very first gastropub, The Salted Pig, to redesign their restaurant for Riverside’s first mixed-use development, Imperial Hardware Lofts.

▼餐厅室内概览,overview of the restaurant ©Project M Plus

Salted Pig的首家店面是由一个古董商店改造而成的。在餐厅所有者Ronaldo Fierro最初的构想中,Salted Pig就是一座“质朴的酒馆”,整体风格较为随意。但建筑事务所Project M Plus的创始人McShane和Cleo Murnane明白,只有设计新颖且具有趣味性的餐厅才能在提升品牌形象的基础上吸引更多忠实的顾客。

Originally, owner Ronaldo Fierro imagined The Salted Pig as a ‘rustic public house’ when it first opened in a converted antique store – very much a DIY expression. But to scale, Project M Plus founders McShane and Cleo Murnane knew that a refreshed, playful design for the restaurant was needed to elevate the brand and charm their loyal customers.

▼餐厅室内局部,设计新颖且具有趣味性,partial interior view of the restaurant with a refreshed, playful design ©Project M Plus

受建筑装饰艺术主义的几何立面和柔和的沙漠景观的启发,建筑师们将设计的重点放在了室内温暖色调的营造上。“我们希望能够将周边环境中的自然美景引入餐厅的内部,以便创造出一种场所感和舒适感,”创意总监Cleo Murnane解释道。“温暖的色调能够刺激人们的食欲和感官,从而为顾客们提供一种更为愉悦的用餐体验。”

Inspired by the building’s Art Deco geometric facade and muted desert landscape, Project M Plus landed on a warm palette to inform the interiors. “We really wanted to bring the natural beauty of the surrounding environment inside, where we could cultivate a sense of place and coziness,” explains Cleo Murnane, creative director. “Warm tones stimulate the appetite and the senses so hopefully this palette will bring delight and appetite alike.”

▼餐厅室内局部,采用温暖的色调,partial interior view of the restaurant with a warm palette ©Project M Plus

▼一般用餐空间,采用木制餐桌和皮革座椅(左),入口接待台(右),the general dining area with wooden tables and leather seatings (left), the reception counter at the entrance (right) ©Project M Plus

▼多人用餐空间(左),室内柜台(右),the dining table for groups (left), the interior counter (right) ©Project M Plus


▼蜂蜜色的木制百叶分隔出一系列U形的用餐隔间,honey-colored wooden louvers attach to the cluster of U-shaped booths ©Project M Plus

▼U形隔间均采用高品质的皮革座椅,构成了餐厅的框架,the U-shaped, rich leather booths frame the restaurant ©Project M Plus

▼U形用餐隔间及其细节,采用蜂蜜色的木制百叶和吊灯,the U-shaped booths with honey-colored wooden louvers and chandeliers ©Project M Plus

▼U形用餐隔间细节,采用水磨石餐桌、木制座椅框架和皮革坐垫,details of the U-shaped booths with terrazzo table tops, wooden seating frames and leather cushions ©Project M Plus

▼拱门的运用在视觉上柔化了空间的角落和层次,using arches to soften corners and layer in visual interest ©Project M Plus

▼设置当地的沙漠植物以创造空间焦点,installing native, desert plants as sculptural focal points ©Project M Plus

Honey-colored wooden louvers attach to the cluster of U-shaped, rich leather booths that frame the restaurant, creating intimacy for seated guests. Using arches to soften corners and layer in visual interest, Project M Plus played with warm metallic finishes and contrasting cool sage tiles on the walls to complement the terrazzo bar. They also installed native, desert plants as sculptural focal points. Painting the lofted ceiling in a burst of brick red, M Plus accented with muted blush and green throughout, and added a copper-clad bar for a cohesive, unexpected material palette that is transporting and altogether satisfying.

▼温暖的金属饰面与冷鼠尾草色的墙面形成鲜明的对比,同时又与水磨石吧台相辅相成(左),吧台上设置着一个镀铜条状装饰物(右),warm metallic finishes and contrasting cool sage tiles on the wall complement the terrazzo bar (left), the bar with a copper-clad bar ©Project M Plus

▼餐厅采用砖红色天花板(左),角落处的拱形元素(右),the ceiling in a burst of brick red (left), the arched elements at the corner (right) ©Project M Plus

▼餐厅台灯细节,lamp details ©Project M Plus

▼餐厅灯具细节,lighting details ©Project M Plus

▼餐厅入口大门及其细节,the entrance door and its details ©Project M Plus

Name: Salted Pig
Studios: Architecture, Interior Design
Client: Ronaldo Fierro
Location: Riverside
Address: 3750 Main Street, Riverside, CA 92501
Completion: November 2019
Size: 3,400 sf
Photography: Project M Plus

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