Ryusenji House by Tomoaki Uno Architects

Touch the sun in the free and pure space

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本次项目的委托方是一对造型前卫、极具个性的年轻夫妻。与设计团队之前遇到的客户不同,他们看起来甚至不像是好人。但当建筑师Tomoaki  Uno开始与两人讨论沟通时,才意识到他们其实对自己的生活方式和周围社会的态度有着清晰的认识、独到的见解。他们渴望远离嘈杂,过上纯粹安静的生活。于是,设计团队便将房屋的设计重点聚焦在自然光线上。在项目完成后的几年,夫妻两人曾对Tomoaki  Uno说:“这座屋子让我们体验到了生活中前所未有的自由感”。而这,也许就是一名建筑师人生中最值得纪念的时刻。

▼项目概览,overall view © Shigeharu Yamashita

▼屋顶概览,roof overview © Shigeharu Yamashita

skylights in different shapes bring natural light to the interior © Shigeharu Yamashita

This was the first message from a young couple. Soon after I received it, I met them. For the first sight, I thought they are not my client. Because they dyed their hair blonde and wearing lots of pierced earrings. They look completely different from my previous clients, they were more like thugs. Yet as I discussed with them, I realized that they had clear idea on their life style and attitude towards the society around us. They simply wanted to isolated from all sort of noise, to have their pure private life.Although I accepted their will, I insisted them not to be isolated from the nature. At the end of the day, I designed the house focusing on natural light. Few years later after completed, I visited the them and they said to me ” We have never experienced such a sense of freedom in our life”. I still remember it one of most precious moment in my life as an architect.

vertical light well leading to the living space on the first floor © Shigeharu Yamashita

▼光井细部,light well details © Shigeharu Yamashita

view from the bottom of the well to the kitchen and stairwell © Shigeharu Yamashita

a circular skylight brings light to the second floor © Shigeharu Yamashita

light streamed down the stairwell leading to the top of the building © Shigeharu Yamashita

stairwell details © Shigeharu Yamashita

▼卧室空间,the bedroom © Shigeharu Yamashita

▼天窗细部,skylight details  © Shigeharu Yamashita

▼平面图&剖面图,plans and section © Shigeharu Yamashita

Project Name:Ryusenji House
Architecture Firm:Tomoaki  Uno  Architects
Completion Year:2008
Gross Built Area:69.94sq.m.
Project location:Nagoya, Aichi Pref, Japan
Lead Architects:Tomoaki  Uno
Photo credits:Shigeharu Yamashita

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