Ruyton Girls School – Margaret McRae Centre By Woods Bagot

Focusing on collaboration and individuality.

Project Specs


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Ruyton女子学校致力于提供个性化和合作性兼具的学习环境,并积极为学生创造科技丰富,拥有交互式体验的空间。这些学习环境包括为7到8岁女孩提供正式与非正式的学习,戏剧,和多种活动空间。教学空间设计基于透明性,可移动性,可适应性以及以学生为中心的理念,并装饰可移动家具以满足空间的最大灵活性,从而更好的强调了空间使用者之间的互相合作。建筑的室内设计强调了教室和公共空间的透明性,使两部分空间可以组合成为小型活动空间。学校受到Ruyton XI中世纪建筑启发并以此命名。建筑表面由石砖铺设形成雨水防护系统,并以此维持了与周边建筑一致的坚硬外表,同时又与周围建筑产生尺寸,颜色,外貌,及结构形式上的对比。

▼建筑全貌,full view

With a focus on collaboration and individuality, the building provides students with technology-rich, interactive spaces. These include a mix of formal and informal learning spaces – a dedicated base for year 7 and 8 girls, science, drama and event facilities. The spaces are based on the concepts of transparency, mobility, adaptability and student-centeredness. The rooms have mobile furniture, allowing for maximum flexibility and an emphasis on collaboration. Internal glazing creates transparency between classrooms and the break-out space, doubling as an informal space for small group activities. The form and materiality is inspired by the medieval buildings of the Ruyton XI towns of which the school is named. The building is clad in stone pavers, which have been adapted for use as a rain-screen cladding system. This maintains the solidity of the surrounding brick buildings, while providing contrast in terms of scale, colour, vertical orientation, and sculptural form.

▼与周围建筑产生外貌及形式和颜色上的对比,providing contrast in terms of scale, color and vertical orientation

▼建筑外立面以石砖铺设展现坚硬外表,the building is clad in stone pavers and creates a solid surface

▼独特的窗口设计,design of the windows

▼空间之间保持良好的通透性,transparency of the formal and informal spaces

▼公共空间配置可移动家具,the movable furniture

▼立面设计创造良好的室内采光,providing a natural light from the facade

▼通道窗口带来充满趣味的空间体验,a joyful atmosphere created by detail designs

▼屋顶天窗采光,the roof lighting

▼夜色中的建筑,architecture in the night view

▼首层平面图,floor plan level 00

▼二层平面图,level 02

▼西立面图/东立面图,west elevation/east elevation

▼北立面图/南立面图,north elevation/south elevation

Project size: 3000 m2
Completion date: 2015
Building levels: 4

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