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Renovation of cottage


This project arises focused on the development of a hotel space around the original existing Cortijo (traditional cottage), ready to be part of the boom of Rural Tourism. Quite a challenge based on the rehabilitation of a building steeped in history and located in the heart of a plantation full of olive trees.When someone travels around Andalucia it is difficult not to pay attention to these green structures organized through streets where the trees are proud and convinced of their worth. That is why the hotel had to pay tribute to such a characteristic natural environment. The beauty behind the breathtaking environment of this plot is something that impresses from the first sight. In this sense, the key to the project was to achieve an interior-exterior connection that is as permeable as possible, without thereby damaging the essence of this peculiar building in any way.

▼农舍外观,appearance of cottage © Francisco Torreblanca Herrero

▼一层室外平台,outdoor terrace at ground floor © Francisco Torreblanca Herrero

▼二层庭院,patio at first floor © Francisco Torreblanca Herrero


The result of the intervention is nothing but the perfect harmony between traditional and contemporary architecture, over the amazing influence of nature in its purest form.In this way, the common areas, together with half of the rooms, are located in the old farmhouse, giving these rooms and therefore the whole hotel its own indisputable identity, taking advantage of the heights and materials typical of that time.

▼入口,entrance © Francisco Torreblanca Herrero

▼壁炉,fireplace © Francisco Torreblanca Herrero

▼楼梯,staircase © Francisco Torreblanca Herrero

▼公共区域,public area © Francisco Torreblanca Herrero

▼客房,hotel room © Francisco Torreblanca Herrero

▼细节,details © Francisco Torreblanca Herrero


Renovation of store house


In contrast to this house, the plot also had an store house linked to the existing agricultural exploitation that was integrated into the project through the mandatory Proyecto de Actuacion (Urban Planning Development). A complex administrative procedure that nevertheless allowed the simple adaptation of these two buildings, which after the renovation and extension designed answer efficiently the requirements of this new activity.

▼泳池,swimming pool © Francisco Torreblanca Herrero

▼入口侧外观,appearance of entrance side © Francisco Torreblanca Herrero

▼露台侧外观,appearance of terrace side © Francisco Torreblanca Herrero


On the other hand, the remaining ten rooms are designed in a deliberately contemporary style, by the use of completely different materials and a bigger slenderness. The outdoor access terrace, designed as a plaza, not only distributes the visitor through the different rooms, but also allows the user to enjoy a pool area equipped with the best spa facilities, as well as recreational spaces where to disconnect from the current daily routine. This is how all the rooms converge towards the interstices generated in between the buildings, so that the rooms can be opened exclusively towards the immediate natural environment.

▼客房,hotel room © Francisco Torreblanca Herrero

▼浴室,bathroom © Francisco Torreblanca Herrero


An unbeatable backdrop that makes this hotel a unique building ready to become a benchmark in the sector throughout the province.

▼一层平面,ground floor plan © GANA Arquitectura

▼二层平面,first floor plan © GANA Arquitectura

▼立面,elevations © GANA Arquitectura

▼剖面,sections © GANA Arquitectura

Architects: GANA Arquitectura (
Antonio José Galisteo Espartero
Álvaro Fernández Navarro
Francisco Jesús Camacho Gómez
Team: David Melero Herrera. Arquitecto
Fausto Santarosa. Arquitecto
Juan Francisco Mata Díaz. Ingeniero
Ángel Gabriel Pacheco Rodado. Ingeniero
Daniel Montoya López. Aparejador
Collaborators: Herecu (
Voltiam (
Fana Interiorismo (
Location: Villanueva del Rosario, Málaga
Project year: 2020
Project Area: 956,52 m2 + 49,77 m2 (1.006,29 m2)
Photographs: GANA Arquitectura (
Francisco Torreblanca Herrero

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