NAWA by Oskar Zieta

The architectural sculpture reflects everything around and changes throughout the day and seasons on the island

Project Specs


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▼视频,video © Oskar Zieta

NAWA is part of revitalization programme for Daliowa Island – the smallest of over a dozen islands in downtown Wrocław. Aim of the programme was to turn neglected and forgotten space into an area open to meetings, concerts and artistic events, thus a reclamation to city inhabitants.

▼项目概览,overall view of the space © Oskar Zieta

▼城市环境,urban context © Oskar Zieta


▼设计示意,diagram © Oskar Zieta

▼草图,sketches © Oskar Zieta

This architectural, public sculpture consists of 35 bionic steel arches referring in form to the shape of the island and most of all to construction of nearby historic architecture of Ostrów Tumski originally established in XI century. The arches together create an ultralight, durable construction, its mirror-polished surface reflects the surroundings and gives the effect of a naturally growing sculpture that changes throughout the day and seasons.

▼35个拱状结构创造出一个超轻且耐用的结构,35 arches together create an ultralight, durable construction © Oskar Zieta

▼抛光不锈钢镜面,mirror-polished stainless steel surface © Oskar Zieta


▼设计灵感,inspiration © Oskar Zieta

NAWA is the crowning piece of celebrating European Capital of Culture – Wrocław 2016. The inspiration for use of arc construction was inspired by nearby Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Market Hall, The Ossolineum and its library. The form of bionic arch goes along with shape of the very island and corresponds with surrounding architecture.

▼雕塑近景,close views to the sculpture © Oskar Zieta


Designed shape of the object was divided into individual pieces with original algorithm and in specialist software for parametric design. It allowed to adjust the force arrow and to optimize production, transport and endurance on the basis of real time (FEM Simulation).

▼模型,modeling © Oskar Zieta

▼3d打印模型,3d printed prototypes © Oskar Zieta


Because of location and size of sculpture, individual arches were executed in old dockyard, north-east of the city, and delivered riverine on barges directly to Daliowa Island.

▼运输,transport © Oskar Zieta


▼自由内压塑形,free inner pressure forming © Oskar Zieta

The sculpture was made with original FiDU technology (free inner pressure forming) which allows to create tailored, adjusted to force arrow, ultralight construction elements in sheet metal. Bionic arches were cut out and welded along the edges and then inflated with compressed air. It allows to change flat 2D objects into durable and light 3D forms.

▼制造和装配,production and installation © Oskar Zieta


Slightly wavy surface of mirror-polished stainless steel resembles surface of the water which reflects everything around and changes throughout the day and seasons. NAWA is the first object made with FiDU technology for such an immense scale and also its manifesto. The initially controversial project became a popular spot for meetings, photo shots and artistic events.

▼雕塑与人的活动,sculpture and people’s activities © Oskar Zieta

自2017年6月正式揭幕以来,NAWA在建筑界也受到了广泛认可,吸引了全球评论家和最具影响力的门户网站的关注。在《Architektura-Murator》杂志举办的竞赛中,NAWA被评为2017年波兰最具创新性的建筑项目。 2018年12月,NAWA还被世界最著名建筑奖项之一的密斯奖(欧盟当代建筑奖)提名。

Since unveiling in June 2017, the sculpture has been gaining recognition in architectural space, attracting the attention of critics and the most influential portals from around the world. During the finals of the competition organized by the Architektura-Murator magazine, she was chosen as the most innovative Polish architectural project of 2017. In December 2018, the sculpture was nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award 2019 – one of the most important and prestigious architectural awards in the world.

▼雕塑夜景,night view © Oskar Zieta

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