Rudong Sports Center, China by TJAD

An integrated center as a part of the cultural core of the new district

Project Specs


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概况 | Rudong Sports Center


Rudong Sports Center is located in Rudong County , Nantong , Jiangsu Province. The project includes a gymnasium (including swimming pool), a fitness center and a stadium. As a part of the cultural core of the new district, it forms the symbol of the new district together with the cultural center group on the south side and will become an important driving force for the development of the new district. TJAD design group won the design competition in 2012,and the first phase of the project completed in 2018.

▼体育中心一期工程整体鸟瞰,aerial view to the Rudong Sports Center (phase 1) ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP

▼体育馆北侧,view to the gymnasium from the north side ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP


开放与围合 | Opening and Enclosing


▼场地平面图,site plan

The design emphasizes open space and public participation. Therefore, the overall planning scheme does not take architecture as the core, but a sports park for citizens. The open park has shortened the distance between citizens and sports, and has built a vibrant landscape space for the city. The gymnasium and the stadium are connected by a overpass.

▼体育馆鸟瞰图,aerial view to the gymnasium ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP

▼体育场和体育馆通过二层天桥实现步行交通的连接,the gymnasium and the stadium are connected by a overpass ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP

▼体育馆北侧立面,gymnasium north facade ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP


白色巨浪 | The white wave


Different from Traditional sports buildings which are always like a bowl or a box, the buildings are shaped with curves and streamline to show the power and beauty of sports. The white wave like building brings people a new experience of space and landscape. White metal plates envelope the buildings, and the holes on the skin and the skylight bring Sunlight into the rooms to make it bright and colourful.

▼舒展流动的曲线造型烘托出体育的活力与优美,the buildings are shaped with curves and streamline to show the power and beauty of sports ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP

▼体育馆屋顶细部,detailed view of the roof ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP

▼体育馆立面肌理,facade detail of the gymnasium ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP


紧凑与共享 | Compact and Sharing


▼体育馆入口楼梯,entrance stair ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP

Rudong Sports Center does not blindly pursue the full range of functions, but always implements the design purpose of ” compact and sharing”. In order to avoid repeated construction of expensive sports facilities, we suggest to combine the indoor arena and swimming pool into one building, so that the competition and training rooms can be shared and the buildings scale can be minimized. Within the 20,000 square meters of the stadium, there are a indoor arena with 4000 seats , a training hall, a 50-meter standard swimming pool (with 200 seats for spectators), a 25-meter training pool and a children’s pool. In addition, considering the different scale of each space , a moon shape with high middle and low sides is used to tightly wrap all the spaces together to avoid the waste of space.

▼体育馆室内,gymnasium interior view ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP

▼游泳馆室内,swimming pool ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP

▼游泳馆训练池,training pool ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP

▼游泳馆儿童池,children’s pool ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP


拥抱变化 | Embrace the change


▼健身中心外观,exterior view of the fitness center ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP

The multi-functional development of sports buildings is the general trend. Universal space and complete facilities in Light & Sound are very convenient for cultural and commercial activities. We are happy to see the efficient use of space and embrace future changes. The gymnasium and the training hall are separated by sliding doors on the ground floor. When they are open, the two space become one, which can be used for exhibition . We also provide a summer mode and winter mode for the use of swimming pool: all three pools are open at the same time in summer. In winter, when there are not so many people, the pool area can be divided into two parts through glass doors and partition walls to make sure the smaller poor can be opened, and the load of air conditioning and floor heating can be reduced at the same time. The indoor atrium of the fitness center can also be used for commercial and cultural activities such as exhibition . All rooms in the fitness center can be converted into various functions through decoration in the future.

▼健身中心门厅,foyer the fitness center ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP


▼健身中心中庭,atrium of the fitness center ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP

▼楼梯细部,stair ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP

▼中庭天窗,skylight ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP

▼健身中心羽毛球馆,the badminton room ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP

▼健身中心乒乓球馆,table tennis room ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP

▼全景鸟瞰,aerial view ©邵峰建筑摄影SFAP

▼体育馆平面图,gymnasium plan

▼健身中心平面图,fitness centre plan

▼体育馆剖面图,gymnasium section

▼健身中心剖面图,fitness centre section

项目设计 & 完成年份:2012-2018   
主创及设计团队:王文胜 李恒   

Project name: Rudong sports center   
Design: TJAD   
Design year & Completion Year: 2012&2018   
Leader designer & Team: Wang Wensheng, Li Heng   
Project location: Rudong, Nantong city, Jiangsu province    
Gross Built Area (square meters): 70000㎡  
Photo credits: SFAP
Client: Sports Bureau of Rudong

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