Majiabang Cultural Museum, China by Zeng Qun Architecture Design Studio

Settlement refactoring

New Comprehensive Gymnasium in Fudan Jiangwan Campus, China by TJAD

Splendid and Colorful  Life under the Classical Campus

Shanghai Thomas School, China by TJAD

A Class Based Humanities and Technology Campus

The Second Affiliated School of New Jiangwan of Fudan University, China by TongJi Architectural Design

Create more dynamic open spaces.

Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Port Passenger Building, China by TJAD

“Mirage & Picture scroll on the sea”

Renovation Project of Shanghai Chinese Orchestra located at No. 336 Xinhua Road (Phase I), China by TJAD

The stringed curve of national music is integrated into the architectural modeling and elevation design

Renovation of Bus Parking Lot on Yixian Road, China by TJAD

Not new at the beginning of construction complete, not old after many years

Huaian Urban Plan Museum, Library, Culture Museum and Art museum, China by TJAD

Cultural Aircraft Carrier

On the water side – Medical College Building of Jiangnan University, China by TJAD

College Research Building Integrating with Landscape

Four Squares: Landscape Micro-Update of Siping Road Campus of Tongji University, China by TJAD

New green spaces renovated from 4 car parks in the campus