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The proposal was made for a plot of land with 1697 m², where 112 m² were covered area that corresponded to a demolished two-floor house and attic that had a total floor area of around 300 m². Out of the 1697 m² of land, only 600 m² could be built on, as the rest of the land is part of the Agricultural Reserve.

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view


The land is on a steep west-east slope divided into two terraces with a nine-metre total difference in elevation. The constructive area was isolated from the street and surrounded by the Agricultural Reserve, below street level. The construction was composed of a house, a threshing floor in the south and a granary; the house was built with thick schist walls, the upper floor and threshing floor were covered in slate.

▼场地位于东西向的陡坡上,the land is on a steep west-east slope

▼建筑沿陡坡分别栖息在两个平面,the architecture divided into two terraces


We demolished the upper floor, keeping the lower floor and the threshing floor slate slabs. Just like the old house, the new one merges into the morphology of the land, doing without the urban frontage, encouraging dialogue with the beautiful farmland that stretches away on the side opposite the street.

▼上层建筑被拆除重建,the upper floor is demolished


The house has a gross area of 643.20 m² over three floors. The access from the street has some steps and an open corridor to the heart of the house, the patio where the entrance is found.

▼从街道入口前行几步抵达住宅的开放走廊,the access from the street has some steps and an open corridor to the house


Floor 0 (level -2, under street level) was rehabilitated and expanded. It houses the social functions and patio support. To the north, the interior of this floor is ventilated and illuminated by a patio that used to be a cellar. The new co-exists with the old.

▼街面以下层面被整修成中庭和家庭活动空间,the under street levels are reorganized as the patio

▼原酒窖空间在通过新的中庭获得阳光,the cellar is ventilated and illuminated by a patio



Floor 1 (mezzanine) is organised around the larger patio and is used for the family’s daily life. To the north, the entrance to the covered parking, leads the inhabitants to the kitchen through a corridor. The rooms overlook the patio to the south.

▼北侧车库入口,entrance of the parking space on the north


Floor 2, visible from the street, is used for relaxation. It partially overlaps the first-floor volume, it shelters the entrance space and the patio. It is divided into three bedrooms and respective toilets. The floor-1 roof, which is at street level, has an esplanade facing the horizon.

▼观景台,the panorama view on the -1 roof floor

▼客厅,living room

▼交通空间,circulation space

▼新旧部分的交接,the meets of the old and the new


▼餐厅,dining room




The new construction, (completely made or reinforced concrete) is a dark mass of slate sitting on the lower walls of the old house made of schist blocks against the old terraces of granite and schist.

▼夜景,night view






Name of the project: RPFV house
Architect: Noarq | No Arquitectos Lda
location: Santo Tirso, Porto, Portugal.
Year of completion: 2018

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