Rolling Stock Yard by Squire & Partners

Drawing on King’s Cross station to create multi-functional office space.

Project Specs

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该项目位于国王十字区,是Squire & Partners事务所完成新项目,旨在为创意中小型企业提供约5342㎡的工作空间。

Squire & Partners has completed Rolling Stock Yard, a new development in King’s Cross designed as a contemporary response to its industrial setting providing 57,500 sqft of workspace for creative small to medium sized businesses.

▼项目概览,overview © Jack Hobhouse


The design concept draws on the area north of King’s Cross St Pancras, historically characterised by the machinations of transport, freight and industry, and now an emerging creative quarter. Converging railway lines and shipping containers are referenced in the nine storey building, expressed as a series of stacked elements with a black profiled steel structure emulating parallel railway tracks running horizontally across the facades.

▼外立面堆叠黑色压型钢结构,如同平行的轨道,the facade is stacked with black profiled steel structure, like parallel tracks © Jack Hobhouse

▼入口立面,entrance facade © Jack Hobhouse


Within this horizontal grid, full height glazing is softened by a layer of vertical solid oak sleepers and sinusoidal perforated metal screens to offer privacy and shade during daylight hours, and emit a diffused glow at night.

▼水平构架之间设置全高玻璃,外侧设置实心橡木百叶和金属穿孔板,full height glazing is set within horizontal grid,vertical solid oak sleepers and sinusoidal perforated metal screens are arranged on the outside © Jack Hobhouse

▼屋顶露台,roof terrace © Jack Hobhouse


At pavement level the building animates the street with bespoke illuminated entrance signage behind a corrugated metal screen, and a double-height office entrance addressing York Way.

▼从街道看向入口,view from the street to the entrance © Jack Hobhouse

▼波纹金属屏幕后设有定制的发光标识,a corrugated entrance signage is set behind the corrugated metal screen © Jack Hobhouse


Internally an industrial palette of exposed concrete, blackened steel and perforated aluminium is balanced by a pair of timber-lined recesses for the reception and café. Unifying the space is a pale grey poured resin floor with inlaid track patterns which define routes from the entrance to the reception, lifts and café.Suspended filament lighting elements hang vertically at assorted heights above a bespoke rug, which continues the graphic of converging rail tracks. Low comfortable seating on leather sofas, wing backed armchairs and upholstered benches create a comfortable waiting area for visitors.

▼舒适的等候区,comfortable waiting area © Jack Hobhouse

▼接待处和咖啡区的木制壁龛,timber-lined recesses for the reception and café © Jack Hobhouse

主入口的咖啡空间为使用者和访客提供了高桌椅,这里不仅有数据线可以充电,还有夹层空间,容纳了更多的休息座位。上下两层由可折叠的金属楼梯连接,后面是一幅委托伦敦著名艺术家Barry Reigate创作的大型绘画作品,形成了有趣的背景墙。

For building users and guests, the Rolling Stock Café within the main entrance offers raised seating at high tables with access to power and data, and additional space on a mezzanine level with more informal and lounge seating. The two levels are connected by a folding metal stair, behind which a large-scale commissioned painting by celebrated London artist Barry Reigate provides a playful backdrop.

▼有夹层的咖啡空间,背景墙是Barry Reigate的大型绘画作品,coffee space with mezzanine,the background wall is a large painting by Barry Reigate © Jack Hobhouse

▼夹层空间,mezzanine © Jack Hobhouse

▼可折叠的金属楼梯,the folding metal stair © Jack Hobhouse

艺术家将卡通形象和涂鸦与国王十字区的代表几何形状和文化相结合,反映了充满活力的都市景象。这幅作品的规格为12m x 6m,是Barry Reigate迄今为止最大的作品,他花费5周多的时间,将单一色调逐层覆盖,调和了室内的工业色调。该作品借鉴当地的建筑环境,成为空间中的建筑元素,吸引人们在其中游走,从而发现绘画的不同方面。

Combining cartoon imagery and graffiti with geometric shapes and cultural references to King’s Cross, the site specific work projects a dynamic urban attitude. At 12m x 6m the installation is Reigate’s largest work to date, and was applied layer by layer over 5 weeks using monochromatic tones to complement the building’s industrial palette. The work is presented as an architectural element within the space, drawing on the local built environment and encouraging people to move around the space to discover different aspects of the painting.

▼绘画借鉴了当地建筑环境,the painting drawing on the local built environment © Jack Hobhouse

电梯前厅以定制的楼层编号标识和黑钢电梯门为特点, 树脂地板上有导引线将人们引进电梯。标识和导引线由Squire&Partners的内部品牌代理Mammal构思,是建筑和室内设计概念的延伸。Mammal借鉴了国王十字车站的铁路和货运行业,创造出由平行线和相交线构成的锈橙色、蓝色和白色的图形标识。

Lift lobbies feature bespoke floor numbering graphics on the reveal and blackened steel lift doors. Wayfinding tracks within the resin floor continue into the lift car.Branding and wayfinding were conceived as an evolution of the architecture and interiors concept, by Squire & Partners’ in-house branding agency Mammal. Referencing the railways and freight industry of King’s Cross, Mammal established a palette of rust orange, blue and white with a graphic identity based on parallel and converging lines.

▼电梯前厅,lift lobbies © Jack Hobhouse

▼房间标识,room identities © Jack Hobhouse

▼由平行线和相交线构成的楼层标识,graphic identities based on parallel and converging lines © Jack Hobhouse


Office spaces benefit from natural light on three sides – all four on the upper level – and every floor has openable windows to allow for natural cross ventilation. Exposed concrete ceilings continue the industrial aesthetic, with suspended lighting tracks directing light up and down. Circulation on each level is marked with a backlit perforated metal screen, leading to the lift lobby and toilets.

▼采光良好的办公空间,office space with good lighting © Jack Hobhouse

▼背部发光的金属穿孔板,backlit perforated metal screen © Jack Hobhouse


Capable of responding to the needs of growing companies, the building is presented as an adaptable collection of working spaces offering units ranging in size from 150 to 680sqm. Rolling Stock Yard tenants have access to generous cycle storage, showers, lockers and a reception café and breakout space.WC’s are designed as superloos, self-contained cubicles which include a black Corian worktop and splashback, sink, large mirror and vertical feature lights. The back wall of each cubicle is lined with panels of natural ply featuring an engraved pattern depicting freight containers.

▼储物柜,storage © Jack Hobhouse

▼卫生间,WC © Jack Hobhouse


300 square metres of roof space has been planted with wildflowers and grasses chosen to support local populations of birds, bees and butterflies. On top of this planted bed are 120 solar panels, with a further 80 panels on the south façade, providing the building with a sustainable energy source. A 140sqm private roof terrace with planters and feature linear floor lighting is created on the upper level, offering views across the skyline.

▼夜景,nightview © Jack Hobhouse

▼总平,site plan © Squire & Partners

▼一层平面,ground floor plan © Squire & Partners

▼六层平面,fifth floor plan © Squire & Partners

▼九层平面,eighth floor plan © Squire & Partners

▼剖面,section © Squire & Partners

Client: Newmark Properties LLP
Building Owners: Deepdale Investment Holdings Ltd
Architecture: Squire & Partners
Interior Design: Squire & Partners
Branding: Mammal Design
Project Manager: Rougemont
Structural Engineer: Davies Maguire
M&E Engineer: Atelier Ten
Cost Consultant: Currie & Brown
Planning Consultant: Tibbalds
Contractor: Volker Fitzpatrick
Mural artist: Barry Reigate
Photographer: Jack Hobhouse

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