Roger TV by CHA:COL

Factory’s warehouse transformed into creative center

Project Specs


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Roger TV是位于洛杉矶Silverlake附近的动画创意视频工作室,其空间主要用来作为工作场所和制作中心。该项目旨在将这个存在一些使用不便的劳作工厂转变为两层的创意空间,为插图绘制、视频制作、粘土模型、创作、编辑以及一切创意娱乐设计提供更美好的办公空间。

▼办公区一览,the view of the office

Roger TV is a warehouse conversion for the workplace and production center of an animation and creative video studio near Silverlake, Los Angeles. The project involved converting an actual garment sweatshop with dubious existing code issues, into a two level creative space for illustration, video, claymation, production, editing and recreation among creatives.

▼建筑轴测图,the axon

▼从二楼俯瞰办公区,overlooking the office area from the second floor

▼原有仓库大门被保留,the original warehouse gate was retained

其中还有一个名为“The Pit”的协作区,这里将成为创意仓库神经中枢般的存在。

It also features a collaborative zone called “The Pit”, which functions as the nerve center of this creative warehouse.

▼“The Pit”工作区作为创意仓库的神经中枢,”The Pit”functions as the nerve center of this creative warehouse

▼“The Pit”被规划为上下两层,“The Pit” is planned to be on the upper and lower floors

▼入口的休闲区,the recreation area at the entrance

▼位于二层的休息区,rest area on the second floor

▼木质构件打造的独特茶座,unique teahouse made of wooden components


▼与公共空间互相渗透的个人办公室,personal office that infiltrates the public space

▼二人办公室,two-person office

▼采光良好的个人办公室,well-lit personal office

▼安静的视频剪辑区,quiet video editing area

▼一层平面,the main level plan

Project size:5000 ft2
Site size:6000 ft2
Completion date:2018
Building levels:2

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