Risch House by Kiltro Polaris Arch

A compact home

Project Specs


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Casa Risch is located on a corner lot within a controlled access residential neighborhood. It is a house for a family of five in which most of the expectations of its future inhabitants were integrated while respecting the guidelines of the residential complex. At the same time, a strategy was proposed to control the cost and time of construction.

▼项目外观,external view of the project © Santiago Heyser


Both to avoid the anodyne context and for protection from rain and sun, the house was closed to the outside, but the decision was made to open it to the inside of the plot, and thus provide natural light and illumination to all its areas.

▼庭院,garden © Santiago Heyser


Thanks to its simple structure, the house allows the integration of the garden to the living/dining room through a sliding panel that runs across the width of the plot, providing a spatial continuity that eliminates the line between the house and its garden.

▼开放式厨房,open kitchen © Santiago Heyser

▼厨房岛台,kitchen island © Santiago Heyser

▼楼梯,staircase © Cesar Bejar

▼卧室,bedroom © Santiago Heyser


The idea of a compact home, integrated with simple materials, efficient construction, and easy maintenance resulted in a practical, discreet, and unpretentious architectural object.

▼初始状态,initial state © Cesar Bejar

▼夜景,view by twilight © Santiago Heyser

▼一层平面,ground floor plan © Kiltro Polaris Arch

▼二层平面,first floor plan © Kiltro Polaris Arch

▼北立面,north elevation © Kiltro Polaris Arch

▼南立面,south elevation © Kiltro Polaris Arch

▼剖面1-1,section 1-1 © Kiltro Polaris Arch

▼剖面2-2,section 2-2 © Kiltro Polaris Arch

Project name: Risch House
Company name: Kiltro Polaris Arch
Website: www.kiltropolaris.com
Contact e-mail: escribeme@kiltropolaris.com
Location: Cancún, México.
Completion Year: 2020
Other participants: Victor Ebergenyi Kelly, Noe Urquijo, Valeria Villanueva, Yissel Alanis, Jimena Robles, Daniel Schondube
Photo credits: Cesar Bejar. Santiago Heyser

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