Rice Wine Factory, China by DnA_ Design and Architecture

Integrating family workshops into a collective union to promote the ecological agriculture

Project Specs


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Shantou Village in Dadongba Town has a long history for its rice wine production in the County. Every autumn, after the glutinous rice matures, the villagers start to brew wine. The medicinal liquor is taken from the local Polygonum hydropiper, squeezed into juice and added with rice flour. After more than seven processes such as fermentation and sun drying. This white wine is made and added during brewing.

▼项目鸟瞰,bird view of the project ©王子凌


The volume of the building corresponds to the surrounding residential buildings, and it is built with concrete. The vault structure becomes the vertical symbol of space, and gradually decreases the spatial density at different levels. According to the program requirements, the wall enclosure adopts the local red brick wall, emphasizing the vault structure.

▼项目外观概览,overall of the project facade ©王子凌

▼项目强调了拱顶结构形态,emphasizing the vault structure ©王子凌

▼墙面围护采用当地常见的镂空红砖墙,the wall enclosure adopts the local red brick wall ©王子凌

▼由底层入口看周边环境,viewing the surrounding environment from the entrance on the ground floor ©王子凌


The factory is situated at the village entry on a sunken site. The basement is a closed wine cellar. The ground floor has both production and visiting needs, while the second floor is an open platform.

▼功能分析图,program analyze drawing © DnA 建筑事务所


According to the site characteristics and program requirements, the underground floor serves as the wine cellar for wine collection, and the ground floor connecting with the road serves as the production space. The production space is stretched along the linear site with a series of compartments following the production sequence: rice soaking, cooking, fermentation mixing, filtering, squeezing, high-temperature cooking, sterilization, and product packaging. This series of processes formed the spatial rhythm of the whole building. A parallel covered walkway provides viewing corridor for visitors, as well as open public lounge for villagers.

▼地面一层主要生产空间概览,overall of the the production space on the ground floor ©王子凌

▼生产的序列沿着场地线性延伸, The production space is stretched along the linear site with a series of compartments following the production sequence  ©王子凌

▼煮米操作空间细部,detail of the cooking space ©王子凌


As a viewing platform for leisure, the second floor provides a public platform for both visitors and villagers with tasting rooms and viewing terraces.

▼二层空间概览,overall of the second floor ©王子凌

▼二层空间同样强调了拱形的元素,the second floor also emphasizes the arched elements ©王子凌

▼地上二层作为游客和村民的交流空间,the second floor provides a public platform for both visitors and villagers with tasting rooms ©王子凌

▼由交流空间看观景平台,viewing the platform from the public platform ©王子凌

▼休闲体验的观景平台,viewing platform for leisure ©王子凌


Equipped with modern filtration, sterilization and filling systems, the rice wine produced in the new factory has been sold to markets in and outside the province.

▼地下封闭酒窖,basement closed wine cellar ©王子凌

▼酒窖细部,detail of the closed wine cellar ©王子凌


A new rice wine factory has been programmed to provide a standardized space for large-scale production and branding operations by integrating family workshops into a collective union. It also promotes the ecological agriculture, rural tourism, and specialty agricultural products industries to accelerate the industrial development and increase village income.

▼镂空红砖墙细部,detail of the red brick wall ©王子凌

▼轴测图,axo © DnA 建筑事务所

▼总平面图,master plan © DnA 建筑事务所

▼底层平面图,ground floor plan © DnA 建筑事务所

▼地下室平面图,basement plan © DnA 建筑事务所

▼二层平面图,first floor plan © DnA 建筑事务所

▼立面图,elevation © DnA 建筑事务所

▼剖面图,section© DnA 建筑事务所

设计单位:北京DnA_ Design and Architecture建筑事务所

Project Name: Rice Wine Factory
Location: Shantou Village,Dadongba Town, Songyang County, Lishui, Zhejiang Province, China
Program: Workshop/ Leisure
Client: Economic Cooperation Limited of Shantou Village Dadong Ba Town Songyang County
Architecture Design: DnA_ Design and Architecture
Lighting Design: Zhang Xin Studio, Architecture Department of Tsinghua University
Gross Floor Area: 1863m2
Building Foot Print: 621m2
Design Period: 2017.08-2017.12
Construction Period: 2018.01-2019.05
Photographer: Wang Ziling

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