Public Toilet in The Ancient Street Square of Songcheng District, Hangzhou, China by LSD

A “5-star” public toilet in the core of the scenic area

Project Specs


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In my memory, the public toilets in scenic spots are usually in deep lanes or hidden in dense jungles.Because it was “dirty, messy and smelly”, people had to hide it secretly.It is usually found by smelling a familiar smell or following a long stream of people. During the outbreak earlier this year, domestic tourism was greatly affected, including the Songcheng district in Hangzhou.However, as the first stock of performing arts listing, they are not idle, taking advantage of this gap period just to improve the hardware service facilities of the scenic spot.They invited us to build a “5-star” public toilet in the core of the scenic area.

▼项目外观,external view of the project ©上海无舍建筑影像


The project is located in The Ancient Street Square of Songcheng District. We make use of the large roof with traditional small blue tiles to extend all the way, trying to solve multiple problems such as the intersection of multiple streams of people, the integration of traditional facade, and spatial function organization.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view of the project ©上海无舍建筑影像


The two roads converge in the square, and the extended roof separates the two roads and disperses the flow of people into the public toilets, relieving the pressure of queuing in the rush hour and helping to relieve the huge flow of people in the square.

▼道路交汇的广场空间,plaza at the intersection of the streets ©上海无舍建筑影像


The external wall is made of ceramic panels with “photocatalyst layer”, which is convenient for daily cleaning of the public toilet environment. However, the white external wall is obviously incompatible with the surrounding grey brick and mahogany building environment.The extended roof covers part of the white wall, so that the public toilet is integrated into the whole environment.

▼延伸的大屋顶遮挡部分立面,extended roof covers part of the white wall ©上海无舍建筑影像


Gathering and distributing square needs to set gray space rest area as the flow of people to the point, and only set a rest area attached to the outside of the public toilet will be more inharmonious, we will rest area roof and the roof of the public toilet combined.

▼屋顶下的集散广场,gathering and distributing square under the roof ©上海无舍建筑影像

▼通向集散广场的楼梯,staircase connecting to the square ©上海无舍建筑影像

▼休息区,resting area ©上海无舍建筑影像


Indoor basically give priority to with white and green plant, convenient clean while, also can loosen people’s lavatory environment.

▼公厕室内以白色为主,interior of the public toilet in white tone ©上海无舍建筑影像

▼分解轴测图,exploded axonometric ©LSD

▼平面图,plan ©LSD

▼立面分析,elevation analysis ©LSD


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