Revival of Mao Khe Mining Park by H&P Architects

Reviving humanity and returning to nature

Project Specs


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Located in the center of Mao Khe town and bound in an area of ​​3.3 hectares, Mao Khe Mining park constructed in the 90s of the last century has been badly deteriorated and has almost been closed down and abandoned for many years.

▼西南侧鸟瞰,southwest aerial view © Le Minh Hoang

▼东北侧鸟瞰,northeast aerial view © Le Minh Hoang


▼场地现状,status quo © H&P Architects

▼设计理念,design concept © H&P Architects

▼改造后总平面,master plan after renovation © H&P Architects

The five-ringed symbol of the Olympic Games representing human union, world continuity and integrity has given the designer inspiration to merge sport with culture and education in revitalizing the park. This is then realized from the perpective of turning obstacles into bridges. Specifically, obstacles (unsafe construction, 60-meter fence) were removed, making fragmented room for new architectural space; the void after removal was accommodated by a square that interconnects with surrounding courtyards. Walking paths were used to chain architectural and sculptural objects with the landscape of the entire park, and connect various directions, thus forming open redezvous for local residents to attend social, cultural activities, do physical exercises, play sports, relax, or pay respect to historical events. This is how Mao Khe Mining park has been revived and returned to its nature for people and culture, with the mission: To provide a public place for daily life activities, improve quality of life, compensate the locals for economic, cultural and social disadvantages they have suffered.

▼西北侧鸟瞰,northwest aerial view © Le Minh Hoang

▼局部鸟瞰,partial aerial view © Le Minh Hoang

▼入口广场,entrance square © Le Minh Hoang


大型桂冠环 | Big Laurel Wreath


▼大型桂冠环图纸,drawings of Big Laurel Wreath © H&P Architects

The structure consists of three eccentric rings: two edge rings each with six alternate touchdown points, the middle ring elevated and tilted from top (narrow) to bottom (wide), the core surrounded by plants and flowers. At the top are old iron fences which resemble the leaves on branches bending into a Big Laurel Wreath, honoring the rebirth so that people can be closer to each other and more connected with nature.

▼桂冠环俯瞰,top view of Big Laurel Wreath © Le Minh Hoang

▼外观,external view © Le Minh Hoang

▼三个偏心圆环,three eccentric rings © Le Minh Hoang

▼花草环绕中心部位,the core surrounded by plants and flowers © Le Minh Hoang

▼枝叶般的铁围栏,iron fences like foliage © Le Minh Hoang

▼细部,details © Le Minh Hoang


记忆风筝 | Memory Kite


▼记忆风筝图纸,drawings of Memory Kite © H&P Architects

This multi-functional space is recycled from the truss and mental roofing sheets of a previously damaged cinema, and reconstructed on the site of an old structure dismantled due to its abandonment for 25 years. The roof resembles a giant kite fully spread and loosely “tied up” by five touchdown points on the ground, creating a vast open space for exhibitions, performances, meetings, etc. They are on-site daily activities which constitute precious vivid films “being shown live” on this memory-filled playground.

▼记忆风筝俯瞰,top view of Memory Kite © Le Minh Hoang

▼记忆风筝鸟瞰,views of facades © Le Minh Hoang

▼透过树林望向记忆风筝,view to Memory Kite through the woods © Le Minh Hoang

▼立面,facade © Le Minh Hoang

▼屋顶由回收桁架和金属屋面板组成,the roof consists of the recovery truss and metal roof panels © Le Minh Hoang

▼风筝般的巨大屋顶,huge roof like a kite © Le Minh Hoang

▼屋顶下的空间,space under the roof © Le Minh Hoang


公厕3 | Toigetation 3


▼公厕3图纸,drawings of Toigetation 3 © H&P Architects

The public toilet area is like three sculptural blocks hidden under a shadowy cover of green trees and a framework system made of fence panels and old steel tubes. These three blocks are of different sizes and randomly placed in a manner that it can obscure the view from the outside and that no additional cover is needed; yet it still ensures the necessary privacy for users, and helps Toigetation 3 blend into the park landscape in a natural manner.

▼树荫下的雕塑体块,the sculptural blocks hidden under a shadowy cover of green trees © Le Minh Hoang

▼入口通道,access © Le Minh Hoang

▼由围栏和旧钢管制成的框架系统,the framework system made of fence panels and old steel tubes © Le Minh Hoang

▼私密性空间,private space © Le Minh Hoang


锯齿形屋顶 | Zigzag roof


▼锯齿形屋顶图纸,drawings of Zigzag roof © H&P Architects

Having the long-clung “parasites” removed and been returned to the original place for cultural and recreational activities, the zigzag roof serves as an interesting memory highlight in the central square and plays an important supporting role to festivities in place.

▼重建的文娱设施,the reconstructed cultural and recreational facility © Le Minh Hoang


节庆广场露天剧场 | The open air theatre at Festival square


The park has been made green with 1.6 hectares of grass on the surface and double the number of shade trees with additional 200 being planted. Terrain-based ramps newly made (the park’s current elevation difference ranges from about 2m to 5m, depending on specific location) helps give easier access to people with disabilities and cyclists, and at the same time connects the neighborhood in the front – through the park – with that in the back. A total of 1.4 hectares of granite has been paved, including walking paths, small yards with sports equipment installed, seating to rest, mining worker monument yard, and especially Festival square, a public place for the urban population, which can easily functions as an open-air theater when needed.

▼矿工纪念广场,the mining worker monument yard © Le Minh Hoang

▼大片绿地,large lawn © Le Minh Hoang

▼成群的树木,numbers of trees © Le Minh Hoang


In Vietnam, the area for building squares only accounts for 0.004% of urban land size and the norm of square area per capita is very low, about 0.02㎡. Therefore, the creation of such a square – an open-air theater in Mao Khe Mining park presents a scalable solution to contribute to alleviating this shortage.

▼大型桂冠环夜景,night view of Big Laurel Wreath © Le Minh Hoang

▼记忆风筝夜景,night view of Memory Kite © Le Minh Hoang

▼场地模型,site model © H&P Architects

▼材质分析,materials diagram © H&P Architects

Architect: H&P Architects
Location: Mao Khe Town, QuangNinh Province, Vietnam
Team: Doan Thanh Ha , Tran Ngoc Phuong, Nguyen Manh Hung, Tran Van Duong, Dang Xuan Hoa, Luong Thi Ngoc Lan, Nguyen Hai Hue.
Land area: 3,3 ha
Reused materials: fence, steel tube, metal roofing sheet, iron decorative pieces, brick
Completed: Nov. 2019
Photographer: Le Minh Hoang

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