Residencial Privée Bosques by Migdal arquitectos

A housing complex that starts from the reinterpretation of the ravine and the liberation of view of the departments

Project Specs


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Residencial Privée is a set of residential plus type located west of Mexico City. The set takes advantage of the connection to the golf course, respecting the canyon and integrating it to provide each of the spaces with natural light. It is on an estate of 32,160 m2 that has the peculiarity of having a steep slope that becomes abrupt and descends 36 meters in the last third of the land, until adjoining an important golf club in the area and overlooking a ravine.

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view ©Jaime Navarro


Privée has six buildings distributed in two lines of three parallel to the ravine. In each of them there are ten apartments of approximately 450 ㎡ each arranged in five levels, two per level, giving a total of 60 units. All, with a magnificent view of the canyon and the golf club extensions. The concept starts from the reinterpretation of the ravine and the liberation of view of the departments, where each line of buildings is staggered with horizontal displacements, which provides a volumetric game to the facade and generates large terraces to each department, achieving a space of transition between the exterior and the interior.

▼建筑主立面,main facade ©Rafael Gamo


▼错落有致的外观,the whole of the residence is staggered ©Jaime Navarro

Considering the morphology of the property, as well as the attractiveness of the views towards the ravine, the whole is staggered. The development of the project begins with a gazebo and a pedestrian-vehicular access portico. It also has a three-level amenity building that includes a multipurpose room, adult room, youth room, spa, gym and pool. This building is taking the difference in height until reaching the level of a green area of 3,500 ㎡, which serves as a connection between the public area and the first line of apartment buildings. At the level of the green area you access the first line of buildings, under these two parking basements are developed, through which three bridges connect to each of the three buildings of the lower line and by elevators are distributed to the departments.

▼户外公共区域,outdoor public area ©Rafael Gamo

▼户外沙发区,outdoor lounge ©Alejandro Fernandez

▼下沉庭院,the sunken courtyard ©Rafael Gamo

▼服务楼外观,the three-level amenity building ©Rafael Gamo

▼走廊,corridor ©Rafael Gamo

▼公共空间,communal area ©Rafael Gamo

▼住宅楼大厅,apartment lobby ©Ian Lizaranzu

▼空间细部,detailed view ©Ian Lizaranzu

▼楼梯,stair ©Rafael Gamo


All apartments have large windows from floor to ceiling to enhance the relationship with the ravine. As for the finishes, it was tried to give sobriety and elegance to the whole. The facades were worked with a stone in beige color, with the volumetric set of them, gives the appearance of sculpted blocks, reinforced with accents of a stone in oxford gray and large windows.

▼米色的石材与错落的体量搭配形成雕刻品般的质感,the facades were worked with a stone in beige color, with the volumetric set of them, gives the appearance of sculpted blocks ©Rafael Gamo

▼立面细部,facade detail ©Rafael Gamo

▼景观路径,the landscaped route


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