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Three tier system three model jewelry store

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位于Vendome Place的Repossi旗舰店面积有90平方米,分为三个独立的空间,在城市的文脉上分别对应了街道,艺廊和沙龙。OMA认为人们体验和购买珠宝的时候也会有三种不同的方式,分别是快速购买,正常速度购买和慢速体验式购买,因此建筑的每一层分别对应了这三种购买方式。

005-Repossi Place Vendome by OMA


003-Repossi Place Vendome by OMA

The proposal for the 90 square meter Repossi flagship on Place Vendome divides the store into three distinct spaces – contextually referred to as street, gallery and salon. Based on the idea that the collection of jewelry will be experienced and purchased at three different speeds – fast, slow, very slow – each floor responds to the different paces of shopping.

▽二层艺廊,gallery on first floor, photograph by Cyrille Weiner, Courtesy of Repossi

016-Repossi Place Vendome by OMA

▽空间组合图, combination diagram, Repossi Place Vendome © OMA

   141203-Repossi presentation-Concept design submission.indd     007-Repossi Place Vendome by OMA


设计师基本的想法是把建筑和展示结合起来,因此整个空间被设计成了一个展示Repossi产品的舞台。OMA使用了一些非传统的材料来强化这种想法,彰显出这家精品店的与众不同。比如,与荷兰设计师Sabine Marcelis合作设计的各种颜色镜子,以不同角度反射和折射光线;再比如铝板包裹着楼梯,继而延伸到每一层。

The ground floor is the most public space. It works as an extension of the street providing a quick experience of the store. The first floor is a gallery, the level where the entire Repossi collection is exhibited. The basement is a salon. The most intimate space of the boutique, it allows customized service for clients and patient exploration of special pieces.

The underlying idea for the design was to synthesis architecture and display, using the whole space as a stage for Repossi’s production. Unconventional materials were used, emphasizing this relationship and pulling away from the typical jewelry store. Special colored mirrors developed in collaboration with Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis introduces diverse degrees of reflections and color refractions. Aluminum cladding – both plain and foam – fold over the volume of the staircase and expand onto each floor.

▽地下沙龙,salon on basement, Photograph by Cyrille Weiner, Courtesy of Repossi

009-Repossi Place Vendome by OMA

▽沙龙室内模型,basement model,Repossi Place Vendome © OMA

010-Repossi Place Vendome by OMA     012-Repossi Place Vendome by OMA     011-Repossi Place Vendome by OMA


The staircase, an imposing presence in the 90 square meter store, is designed by overlapping two vertical systems: a solid excavated mass that extends between the ground floor and the basement, and a light suspended tread floating between the ground floor and the first level.

▽ 连接各层的楼梯空间,staircase, Photograph by Cyrille Weiner, Courtesy of Repossi

013-Repossi Place Vendome by OMA

014-Repossi Place Vendome by OMA


▽一二层之间贯通的楼梯模型,staircase model between ground floor and the first floor, Repossi Place Vendome © OMA

015-Repossi Place Vendome by OMA

空间的动态感是这个项目重要的部分。一楼的墙壁被设计成一个可以三面回旋的巨大广告牌:一个青铜镜面,一个传统镜面,和一个展示系统。OMA与意大利的制造商Goppion合作,为建筑和展示设计出灵活安装的装置,以适应不同功能的空间使用要求。当不需要做首饰展示时,地面一层会被完全清空,留给空间以无限的可能性。OMA认为,在Vendome Place广场昂贵地价导致的过度拥挤的商业氛围下,这种“空”,恰恰是对“奢侈品”概念的终极体现。楼梯是这个90平方米的商业空间里一个画龙点睛的设计,它包括两套重叠的系统:一个是坚实的体量,从地下室延伸到地面一层;和一个轻质悬浮结构,从地面一层延伸到地面二层。

Movement is an integral component of the project. The wall on the ground floor is conceived as a gigantic rotating billboard with three alternating sides: a bronze colored mirror, a traditional mirror, and a display system. Developed in collaboration with Italian- based manufacture, Goppion, the kinetic installation is both display and architecture, transforming the space while adapting to alternating functions. When the jewelry is not displayed, the ground floor is transformed into a pure void, leaving the space free for unlimited occupancies. In the overcrowded retail context of Place Vendome, a “void” is the ultimate form of luxury.

▽珠宝展品,jewelry, Repossi Place Vendome © OMA

023-Repossi Place Vendome by OMA

022-Repossi Place Vendome by OMA

021-Repossi Place Vendome by OMA     020-Repossi Place Vendome by OMA

▽三面回旋的广告牌,rotating billboard with three sides,Repossi Place Vendome © OMA

141203-Repossi presentation-Concept design submission.indd


Liberated from the traditional requirements of jewelry display, the new flagship store creates an immersive setting, where jewelry is subtly embedded into an architectural void.

▽研究模型,study model, Repossi Place Vendome © OMA 

024-Repossi Place Vendome by OMA     025-Repossi Place Vendome by OMA

027-Repossi Place Vendome by OMA     026-Repossi Place Vendome by OMA

Repossi Place Vendome
Location: Paris Client: Repossi
Year: 2014, concept, 2016 built
Status: Completed
Program: Retail 90 sqm
Partner: Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli
Team: Antonio Barone, Paul Cornet, Leonardos Katsaros, Francesca Lantieri, Kate Lee, Francesco Moncada, Silvia Sandor
Collaborators: Local Architect: DATA Architectes
Structure engineer: Batiserf
MEP engineer: BET Louis Choulet
Wall displays and mechanical displays: Goppion
Standing displays: Sice-Previt
Mirror design: Sabine Marcelis Studio

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