Renovation of 114 Zhenbang Road by TEAM_BLDG

A self-luminous volume in the old town at night

Project Specs


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114 Zhenbang Road is a restaurant project renovated from a historical building with traditional “Qilou” – arcade surroundings. It is distinctive for the original archi-tectural form and its unique location, Zhongshan Road which was the old city cen-ter in Xiamen. Existing buildings in this area can be traced back to 1920s, as a common architecture typology of arcade in the southern Fujian area. Our project is a five-storey arcade, located in the street corner, with the area of 45 sqm per floor.

▼项目外观,exterior view


The site context and architectural features are significant aspects of design con-siderations at the same time of meeting functional requirements. Although all the buildings in the surrounding are arcade, the street elevation seems to be some-what littery on account of long time and lack of maintenance.

▼夜晚的餐厅成为一个发光体,the new restaurant looks like a self-luminous volume at night

▼改造之后的外立面给人一种轻盈明快之感,the reborn elevation brings the lightsome and lively atmosphere to the old street


We hope that the reborn elevation can bring the lightsome and lively atmosphere to the old street and maintain the inner relationship with the traditional architectural form. Therefore, we modify the original facade design into aluminum grating, adopting the size of local red brick in Xiamen as a module to express the traditional form with modern material.

▼建筑师将原有外立面更换为铝格栅,architects modify the original facade design into aluminum grating


Furthermore, the rhythm of holes in the grating is designed with parameterization according to the daily light data. As a result, there will be gradual change of density from top to bottom, so that the daylighting and heat preservation can be guaran-teed.

▼格栅孔洞下至上形成疏密渐变,the density of the grating is changed from top to bottom


Interior design emphasizes the contrast of light and heavy, dark and light to the ex-ternal facade. In addition, terrazzo is applied in the area of floor and wall, and con-sequently forms a grey core vertically running through 5 floors. In the evening, the livest time in the Zhongshan Road area, it can be seen even in the distance as a self-luminous volume with massive inner core and lightsome frock.

▼室内强调了与外立面轻重和深浅的对比关系,interior design emphasizes the contrast between interiors and exteriors

▼建筑的地面与墙面皆采用水磨石材质,terrazzo is applied in the area of floors and walls

▼水磨石墙面和地板形成了一条纵向灰色内核,terrazzo walls and floors form a vertical grey core

▼顶层露台,the terrace on the top floor

▼建筑周边环境极其原貌,context and the original building

▼轴侧分析图,axon diagram

▼一层平面,1F plan

▼二层平面,2F plan

▼三层平面,3F plan

▼四层平面,4F plan

项目功能:餐厅 & 商店
建筑面积:230 sqm
建筑师:Xiao Lei, Bai Lu, Liu Yingying, Pan Jialin, Ye Lizhou, Pedro Ruiz Mazano
项目类型:Architecture and Interior
摄影:Kano Eiichi

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