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来自上海华都建筑规划设计有限公司 对gooood的分享。 Appreciation towards HDD for providing the following description:


改造背景 Background


The project is for a young couple in Beijing, who need to renovate their small apartment.  This is a very small room with limited height and space which has no any further extension. The ventilation and daylight condition is terrible. All different kinds of function are missing from the space.

Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-2      Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-8    Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-11

Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-3   Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-4   Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-5


All these disadvantages make the young life in Beijing disordering and frustrating. However it is the normal lifestyle for many young people in Beijing.

▽ 改造前平面图, Plan before Renovation

Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-15


改造策略 Renovation Strategy

设计策略:“时间换空间”   Design strategy: time for space

▽ 效果图与完成图对比,Rendering and Completed Comparison

Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-18   Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-17

▽ 改造后平面图, Plan after Renovation

Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-16


Because of all these problems, designer chooses to invent a special movable mechanics floor plate. By moving the floors up and down, one can have different rooms fitting different functions. By controlling those 2 floors in different height, one can achieve different spatial quality.

Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-6


Based upon different heights, we also designed different folding furniture which could be transformed to different functions, which are living room, gym, movie theaters, bedroom, multiple living and study room. One can transfer the layout according to different functions.

▽ 6大模式,Six Mode

Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-34

Home Renovation gif by Zhang haiao-13

Home Renovation gif by Zhang haiao-1

Home Renovation gif by Zhang haiao-12


起居模式 living room mode

In the living room mode, 2 floors can ascend to the highest point, which will give a 2.8m height space for living.

Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-10


Together with folding furniture, one can have all kind of functions based upon ones need. The dining room mode also use this height. By pulling out the special designed table under the tv, combining the small boxes, one can have a workable dinning room for 6 people.

Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-30   Home Renovation gif by Zhang haiao-22

▽ 吧台和沙发,Bar and Sofa

Home Renovation gif by Zhang haiao-21  Home Renovation gif by Zhang haiao-23  Home Renovation gif by Zhang haiao-24


健身模式 Gym mode

The gym mode could be made by pulling out the tv cabinet, behind which is the gym area for users with the shelves to put up all gears.

Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-24

Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-26   Home Renovation gif by Zhang haiao-10


睡觉模式 Bedroom mode

During this mode, the floor next to the window is moving down to 0.45m height. In this way the floor plate itself become a bed.

Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-32

Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-29   Home Renovation gif by Zhang haiao-8


娱乐模式 Theater mode


The same floor plate could also rise to 0.75m. One can use it as seats for the screen of the theater mode.

Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-19

Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-28   Home Renovation gif by Zhang haiao-15


工作模式 Working mode


When the both 2 floor plates reach 1.05m, one can have the study room mode. By combining the openable cabinet, we have a good study room. Meanwhile we also put a tatami tea room next to the window for great sunlight and fresh air.

Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-23

Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-22

Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-25    Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-21


多人居住模式 Multi-living mode


When the both floor plate are up to 1.9m, we can have a multi living space for both upper level and bottom level. The room could be transformed to a small home hotel.

Home Renovation gif by Zhang haiao-20   Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-27


机械技术 Technology

This movable floor plate utilize a well adopted tech in the industry field. It is called screw leveling technology.c.

Home Renovation gif by Zhang haiao-6   Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-12   Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-13


This is invented by Chinese architect Zhang Haiao and German engineer Tobias. By rotating the main screw stick, one can move the floor plate up and down quietly and safely. The most important of all, the whole system could be autolocked if the power is down during the operation.

Home Renovation gif by Zhang haiao-2


智能系统 Smart home system


Another important factor of this room is the smart system embedded to to the apartment. There are three main parts including big data analysis, safety control and consumption analysts. It will collect all data from the house to show up on the screen and be sent to ones phone and tablet. The users could monitor the situation easily. The most important factor of the system is the safety. One only you control the system by entering the passcode. We also use the laser beam system to detect the moving subject under the floor plate. There is also an emergency button next to the control panel. All these measures could make sure that the whole system is extremely safe for the living environment.

Home Renovation gif by Zhang haiao-3   Home Renovation by Zhang haiao-33

One can also control the light and curtain by using their phones. The foggy glass is used in the door. There is also a smart mirror for listening music.

Home Renovation gif by Zhang haiao-5   Home Renovation gif by Zhang haiao-4


Architect design a dignity life in the big city in such a small living space.

张海翱(负责人) 姚奇炜、徐航、肖梦莹、李晓蕾、程子峻、袁胤轩
机械设计团队:德国GRG集团(Global Retool Group Gmbh)+合心机械制造有限公司,Tobias Wilhelm(负责人),宋凯,赵国梁,孙菲菲
软装指导:Becky Chen

Project leader: Zhang hai’ao
Project team: shanghai huadu architecture and urban planning co.,ltd.
Zhang hai’ao, Yao Qiwei, Hang Xu, Xiao mengying, Li Xiaolei, Chen Zijun, Yuan Yingxuan
Architecture coordinator: Yang Cai
Mechanical design team: Global Retool Group + Hexin technology co., led.
Tobias Wilhelm, Song Kai, Zhao Guoliang, Sun Feifei
Smart home design team: LIANGYI smart technology co.,ltd.
Li Dongmei,Cui Weidong
Floor material provider: Jilin Yinhao gongmao co.,led .
Interior supervisor: Becky Chen

More: HDD



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