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“Travel is the best medium for pleasure and romance”, vacation allows people to occasionally get off the track of daily life, gain the freshness of life again when traveling, and harvest the experience of B-side life in the natural wild delight.

▼冬季的热河山谷天空院子,Rehe Valley Sky Yard in Winter  ©杨光坤

▼建筑远景,view from distance  ©杨光坤


度假进阶 | Advanced Vacation


▼场地概念手绘,Hand-drawing of Site Concept   ©gad研创中心

The Rehe Valley Sky Yard is located at Hot Spring Village, Qijia Town, Longhua County, Hebei Province, backing mountains and facing streams, and spreads along the canyon in a half-moon shape. Driving from Beijing, you can see many long-abandoned Great Wall ruins scattered along the way. It is not far from Beijing, so it is becoming a popular place for people to go on vacations and play. Vacation is an attempt on a new way of life. To create a new way of life is the source of architects’ thinking in design. “Social contact” is a process of interpersonal relationship and identity construction. However, in the contemporary context, the network “Circle of Friends” has become an abbreviation of social contact, and even the social contact among family members and friends is also constructed on the virtual basis, while the social contact in the real world is declining, becoming a luxurious “new way of life”. Whether it is possible to reconstruct the face-to-face social experience of people becomes the proposition proposed by the architects for this project. The “yard”, a term with the sense of the times, has strong social characteristics. This is the entry point of the architects for this design.

▼场地背山临溪,呈半月型沿峡谷铺展开来,backing mountains and facing streams, and spreads along the canyon in a half-moon shape  ©杨光坤

▼营造“大院”的感觉,the “yard” as the entry point of the design  ©杨光坤


小院大院 | Small and Large Courtyards


▼模块单元生成,Generation of Module Units

The social attributes are infiltrated into the design. Focusing on the vision of “one house, one courtyard”, the 50 square meters and 75 square meters of housing units have evolved into 4 building modules according to the modulus. The 4 modules are stacked mutually to form a three-story building form, creating rich and interesting spatial layers, just like the Monument Valley in reality. When arriving in the Rehe Valley, each family needs to enter the indoor through an outdoor courtyard or terrace. When going up the stairs, you will naturally say hello while passing through other courtyards, which will become a gentle beginning of socializing on vacation. In addition to weakening the sense of distance in vacation, the design does not give up the privacy of living, and the courtyard wall close to the interior gradually raises to protect the sense of security necessary for people to live in.

▼三层建筑的形态,创造出丰富有趣的空间层次,a three-story building form, creating rich and interesting spatial layers  ©杨光坤

▼现实中的纪念碑谷,the Monument Valley in reality  ©杨光坤

▼建筑二层边院,Side Yard of the Second Storey   ©杨光坤


When a group of people meet in the valley, the diverse scenes and natural wild delight can inspire a heated topic among people. Several individual buildings are enclosed on three sides, one side is open to the mountain view to form a large courtyard; the courtyard faces the mountain view; the courtyard is also set with a fireplace, an open cinema, coupled with a variety of social spaces such as shared kitchen and shared library to outline the lively and pleasant scene. In addition, an organic connection has been established between multiple courtyards in the community. A main road connects the entire plot, and at the nodes of the road are scattered the outdoor center, church and other public buildings. When the crowd returns, every lively scene can be seen along the street, and they can participate at any time to create multiple possibilities for vacation.

▼单体建筑模型,Individual Building Model  ©杨光坤

▼社区单元模型,Community Unit Model  ©杨光坤

▼整体建筑群模型,Overall Building Group Model  ©杨光坤


冲突趣味 | Conflict of Fun


▼烽火台元素手绘意向,Hand-drawing of Beacon Tower Elements  ©gad研创中心

As an artificial behavior, the dialogue between architecture and nature is inevitably contradictory. The architects do not deliberately weaken the conflict of fun, but blend the conflict properly, hoping to emphasize an attitude of objective intervention. The seasons in the north are very distinct. The exterior color of the building forms a natural contrast with the site. The solid-colored buildings can escape from the changing seasons of the Rehe Valley. However, part of the building is integrated into nature. Local materials such as rubble, wood and handmade soil mixed with straw stalks are used as the raw materials, which is like a realistic simulation of the original state of nature. At the same time, the image of the Great Wall Beacon Tower is conceptually grafted into the design of the building’s roof. The elements of the roof ladder respond to the traces of the Great Wall, which produces a natural contrast between the depth of history and the lightness of vacation.

▼建筑外观色彩与场地形成天然的反差,纯色的建筑群在热河山谷变幻的四季中皆能跳脱于前,the exterior color of the building forms a natural contrast with the site  ©杨光坤

▼就地取材的采用的手工土壤等原始的材料,像是对自然原始状态的现实模拟,local materials such as rubble, wood and handmade soil mixed with straw stalks are used as the raw materials, which is like a realistic simulation of the original state of nature  ©杨光坤

▼长城烽火台的形象概念化的嫁接于建筑屋顶设计中,the image of the Great Wall Beacon Tower is conceptually grafted into the design of the building’s roof  ©杨光坤

▼阶梯元素,Ladder Elements  ©杨光坤


Another interesting conflict is the design of the window opening. It does not have a strict proportional relationship while conforming to the indoor function, which is free, random and relaxing. The curtain wall treatment process is adopted for the windows, forming the effect of leveling walls and windows, and the transparent glass and the rough wall become a contrast. Windowing at the corners reduces the heavy feeling of the building and allows people to look at the natural landscape of the Rehe Valley through the windows.

▼客厅及餐厅,the living room and the dinning room  ©杨光坤

▼客房卧室,bedroom  ©杨光坤

▼客房浴室,restroom  ©杨光坤

▼转角窗洞设计, the design of the window opening  ©杨光坤


居住狂想 | Living Fantasy


Architectural design is a necessary path to the ideal habitat. The architects deduce the fun of living space in a modular way in Rehe Valley, thus providing a new way of living different from the traditional one. Of course, there are many possibilities for living, and the love of the art of life is the source of all possibilities.

▼住户家中的点点灯光,light comes from the interior  ©杨光坤

▼夜色下的热河山谷,night view  ©杨光坤

▼总平面图,master plan  ©gad研创中心

▼院落拼合平面,countyard plan  ©gad研创中心

▼一层平面图,1f plan  ©gad研创中心

▼二层平面图,2f  plan  ©gad研创中心

▼三层平面图,3f  plan  ©gad研创中心

▼四层平面图,4f  plan  ©gad研创中心

▼院落拼合立面,countyard facade  ©gad研创中心

▼墙身节点,details  ©gad研创中心


Project Name: Rehe Valley Sky Yard in Longhua County, Hebei Province
Project Location: Longhua County, Chengde City, Hebei Province
Detailed Address: Hot Spring Village, Qijia Town
Project Type: Vacation Apartment
Design Time: September 2018
Completion Time: November 2019
Project Scale: 29,500 square meters
Designed by: gad G lab
Project Director: Wei Zhang
Main Creator: Wei Zhang ,Yue Cheng, Chaohao Lv
Architects: Wei Zhang ,Yue Cheng, Chaohao Lv, Junru Tang, Pei Zhou
Interior : Duoxiang Studio
Landscape: Zhongdi Design

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