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Nostalgia and resilience, both engrained in the Lebanese social fabric, were the driving force behind the concept for the renowned SKYBAR nightclub: how to recreate the venue after it caught fire back in 2015, while preserving SKYBAR’s identity.


▼寿司餐厅区域,sushi bar area

▼休憩空间,chillout area view

▼墙壁使用了未经处理的生锈金属条和金属板,untreated and oxidized metal rods and sheets

▼休憩空间的座位包厢,seating box in chillout area


From split mirror cladding, fragmented screens, altered lighting installations, to infiltrated greenery, the aim was to convey a distorted perception of the space and its surrounding. As for recuperated raw steel scattered around, they are reminiscent of SKYBAR reemerging from its ashes with a fresh new identity.

▼楼顶酒吧,upper bar view

▼VIP休闲区视野,VIP lounges view

▼DJ台视野,DJ booth view

▼入口视野,entrance view

▼低层酒吧,lower bar view

▼户外酒吧在白天呈现出热带丛林的气息,day view – jungle atmosphere

▼自主吧台,self-service bar area

▼站立酒吧区域,standing bar area、

▼镜面中被扭曲的城市景象,city distorted reflection

▼生锈金属饰面,oxidized metal texture


▼女洗手间,women’s WC area

▼男洗手间,men’s WC area

▼3D模型,3D model view


Client | Sky Waterfront
Location | Biel Waterfront, Beirut Central District, Lebanon
Area | 1,500 sqm
Date of Completion | August 2017
Team | Tessa Sakhi, Tara Sakhi, Aman Slim
Preliminary Layout | Sari El Khazen
Contractor | Joe Habchy, Antoine Feghali
Mechanical Engineer | Sharingem
Mechanical Consultant | Dany El-Murr
Electrical Consultant | Ziad Helou
Structural Engineer | Ramy Bou Chedid
Sound Engineer | Roger Bou Farhat
Lighting Consultant | Hiljo Stadt
Main Consultant | Apave
Landscape Architect | Roots
Photos | Ieva Saudargaite

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