Recycling Loop by Vincent Leroy

A giant infinty halo imagined with all our recycled plastical

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陆续在法国、罗马尼亚以及中国展出Boreal Halo装置作品后,Vincent Leroy开始构思他的巨型光晕装置新作 —— 循环·Recycling Loop。这是一件完全由回收的废弃塑料制成的装置作品,震撼至极的视觉效果使人们意识到废弃之物的价值。

▼装置坐落于法国诺曼底海滩,Recycling Loop proposal on a Normandy’s beach in France © Vincent Leroy Studio

After performing Boreal Halo in few country : France, Slovakia, Roumania and China, Vincent Leroy imagines a new version of his giant halo installation. An installation of a new kind, at the limit of reality realized with all our recycled plastical. An installation which make us aware of the quality of our waste and their interests.

▼装置全部由回收塑料制成,an installation in mutilcored recycled plastical © Vincent Leroy Studio

▼装置搁浅在海滩上,就像世界各地海滩上的数百万塑料瓶一样,the loop seems stranded on the beach like those millions of plastic on beaches all over the world © Vincent Leroy Studio

本作品源于艺术家对回收材料的全新探索,这个巨大的光环完全由在海边拾到的塑料垃圾制作而成。装置以几乎超现实的几何形态展现在人们眼前,巨大的体量与自由流畅的姿态震撼人心,让人们意识到回收与再利用材料的价值。艺术家Vincent Leroy为装置创造出一种柔软、稳定、连续的流体形态,艺术理念与创作过程简单而有效,仿佛一场轻松有趣的游戏,流畅且充满变化。

Recycling Loop is one of this new reasearch. A giant infinty halo created with all recycled plastic finded in the sea, the beach every where in the earth. A geometrie at the limit of reality that is magically revealed under our eyes. A free giant shape above the ground which make us aware of the quality of our waste and their interests. Leroy creates fluide deformations in a soft, steady, continuous flow. The whole is simple but so efficient. it seems like an intriguing game, light, fluid, almost volatile.

▼作品营造出宁静迷人的氛围,intriguing, fascinating and restful © Vincent Leroy Studio

▼项目旨在使人们意识到回收材料的价值,perhaps this work can help us to become more aware of the potential of recycling © Vincent Leroy Studio

▼莫比乌斯环般的巨大光环装置,an infini loop like the recycling : no beginning, no end, just a stream © Vincent Leroy Studio

没有起点,也没有终点,只有一条流动的溪流,这一切宛如呼吸一般自然,反映人与速度的关系,与现实的距离……这种态度,在当今世界是如此重要。Vincent Leroy喜欢慢慢来,分解他眼中的每一个动态。诗意和简单技术的微妙结合再一次将人们与现实世界分离。

Everything seems to breath : no beginning, no end, just a stream. A reflection on our relationship with the speed, the distance with the reality…so essential in today’s world. VL likes to take his time, breaking down each gesture that counts in his eyes. Once again it is the subtle mix of poetry and low technology that detaches us here from the real world.

▼从装置中的空隙看天空与大海,empty space in the installation, at the limit of reality © Vincent Leroy Studio

▼废弃材料展现出的惊人价值,The material became incredibly mesmerizing © Vincent Leroy Studio

▼VL在巴黎工作室的回收塑料样品与作品图纸, reclycling plastical sample and drawing by VL in Paris’s studio © Vincent Leroy Studio

Recycling Loop copyright design by Vincent Leroy
all image © vincent leroy /

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