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The rhapsody of the red bricks and the arches

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悉尼火车站的新运营中心由建筑事务所Jacobs和建筑事务所Smart Design Studio共同设计完成。该项目的设计要求十分明确——它要求在一个开放的商业工作空间内设置一个大型的控制室,且这个控制室必须是以实墙围合而成的,同时能够满足顶部照明的要求。这对于建筑师来说其实是一个绝佳的机会,因为他们可以去设计一座独一无二的建筑。因此,最终的建筑体量不仅积极地回应了城市中心绿色广场(Green Square)作用下的新城市肌理,更完美地展现了其作为铁路基础设施的功能意义。

The new Rail Operations Centre for Sydney Trains was designed by Jacobs in association with Smart Design Studio. The concept for the building was borne from a very specific brief, which called for a vast top-lit, solid-walled control room atop several floors of open commercial workspace. This presented an opportunity to create a unique building that positively contributed to the new urban fabric of the Green Square city centre, expressing its function as a piece of railway infrastructure.

▼铁路运营中心外观,exterior view of the rail operation centre © Martin Siegner


▼运营中心爆炸轴测图,the exploded axon of the operation centre

The entire form has been enclosed within a massive masonry wall for structural support and security. To moderate the building’s mass and to create connections with the surrounding streets, there are large arched openings in the north and east facades spanning forty metres and forty five metres respectively. These work as substantial beams supporting the heavy brick walls above, and allowing glazed openings at the base.

▼运营中心外观,整个功能空间都被笼罩在一个巨大的砖石体量之下,exterior view of the operation centre, the entire form has been enclosed within a massive masonry wall © Martin Siegner

▼运营中心北立面外观,设置了跨度为40米的拱形开口,exterior view of the north elevation of the operation centre with a large arched opening spanning forty metres © Ross Honeysett

▼北立面上的拱形洞口细节,details of the arched opening on the north elevation © Veronique Jenkins (left), © Ross Honeysett (right)


The building is clad in locally made red brick that’s redolent of the dominant colour of local warehouses, Sydney’s historical buildings and Australia’s red earth. The commonplace nature of brickwork and its familiar texture have been used as a counterpoint to the extraordinary scale of the architectural gestures that will define this building’s identity.

▼外立面细节,采用当地的红砖,details of the building that is clad in locally made red brick © Ross Honeysett (left), © Veronique Jenkins (right)

▼外立面细节,红砖与清水混凝土结合,details of the building enclosure, the red bricks and the bare concrete complement each other © Ross Honeysett


An expansive control room was required to centralise all the critical operations teams. The largest screen in the Southern Hemisphere has been incorporated, enabling the controllers to monitor the network. The high ceiling is punctuated by integrated skylights that perform like a luminous canopy directing natural light over the flexible working environment.

▼运营中心入口,阳光投下斑驳的阴影,the entrance of the operation centre, the sun projects a mottled shadow © Ross Honeysett

▼运营中心的入口大厅,地板采用红砖铺面,the entrance hall of the operation centre paved with the red bricks © Ross Honeysett

▼运营中心大厅局部,partial interior view of the entrance hall of the operation centre © Ross Honeysett

▼宽敞的控制室,南侧设有一个显示屏幕,天花板上安装着一系列长方形天窗,the expansive control room with a large screen on the south and the integrated skylights on the ceiling

▼三层平面图,3F plan

▼北立面图,north elevation

▼东立面图,east elevation


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