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Belval Ouest是Luxembourg近期正在进行的一个城市开发项目,其所在地原本是一片炼钢厂。Steelyard广场位于该项目中心,一侧为高耸的楼房,另一侧为过去遗留下来的高炉。

Between forward-facing high-rise buildings and blast furnaces of the past the new Steelyard square forms the center of Belval Ouest, a city development project which is currently constructed in Luxembourg on the grounds of a former steel mill

▼项目外观,一侧为楼房,一侧为高炉,external of the project located between high-rise buildings and blast furnaces


▼项目开发的不同阶段(从上到右下:2006,2010,2015),different phases of the project development (from up down: 2006, 2010, 2015)

The disused industrial site’s atmosphere was characterized by wideness and roughness as well as pioneer plants such as mosses and birch. The former situation is necessarily literally covered by the new use and new design

▼粗犷空旷的广场,square with wideness and roughness


▼树木和座椅组成的休息岛成为广场焦点,island of trees and seats became the focal point on the square

▼设计整体体现了基地以往的工业氛围,the project recalled the industrial atmosphere of the site

Our major goal was it to let the now hidden qualities shine through the redesign. Seating areas and new trees are concentrated into islands, which leave empty large areas of space and also serve as focal points in this emptiness. Aging-capable materials such as concrete, wood and untreated steel in combination with rough detailing make it possible for the patina of the past to return


▼夜景,night view

▼总平面图,master plan

Client: Agora, Societe de Developpement
Competition: 12. – 1 st Prize GBA:11.000 m2
Planning: AllesWirdGut Project Stages: 1-5, 7
Team: Jan Schroder, Paula Gror
Photos: Roger Wagner
Lighting design: lichtlraumlstadt gmbh

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