RA Apartment by Pascali Semerdjian Architects

A wood volume in the apartment

Project Specs


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这座70平方米的公寓是一对年轻夫妇的家,最明显的特点是一个独特的木制体量。这个由耶岛细纹木(Pau Ferro)打造而成的体量几乎涵盖了公寓的所有私密空间,起到了划分空间和组织室内流线的作用。建筑师使用窗帘将寝室区等私密空间与公共空间分隔开来,通过窗帘的开合,可以有效地将寝室区隐藏或敞开。这么做的好处是住户可以根据场合需要进行空间的组织。

▼室内空间一览,overall view of the interior space

The 70 sqm apartment designed for a young couple, consists basically of a unique volume of “Pau Ferro” wood that houses almost all the functional spaces of the apartment, sectorizing the spaces and organizing the circulations. The dormitory can be hidden or revealed by the curtain, whose function is to separate the private spaces from the social spaces in a non-rigid way, which can happen according to necessities and occasions.

▼室内的木制体量,可拉上窗帘将就寝区隐藏起来,the wood volume which can be hidden or revealed by the curtain

▼室内的木制体量,包含了私密性空间,起到了划分空间和组织室内流线的作用,the wood volume which contains private space, divides the spaces and organizes the circulations

▼木制体量内的就寝区,the dormitory in the wood volume

▼室内的木制体量细节,起到了书桌和储藏空间的作用,details of the wood volume which can act as desk and storage



▼木质体量和起居室,沙发中间的孔洞可以使柱子穿过,the wood volume and the living room, sofa hugs the pillar

▼木质体量和起居室,沙发具有可调节靠背,住户既可躺下,也可坐着交谈,the wood volume and the living room, sofa’s movable backs provide users with a lying done and sitting space

Out of the wood volume, we have the kitchen, dining room and living room. The floor of the whole apartment is in yellow epoxy paint. The kitchen is made of stainless steel in a wine painted color and the wall behind the countertop is lined with decorative tiles.

Because we have an extensive program within a small area, we seek maximum optimization of the spaces by designing practically all the furnishings of the apartment: sofa, dining table, bed, nightstand and headboard. Even the dog house was included in the woodwork design. The sofa hugs the pillar and thanks to its movable backs, users can lie down comfortably to watch television or sit facing the dining room.

▼餐厅和起居室,公寓的地板采用黄色环氧树脂漆,the dining room and the living room, the floor of the whole apartment is in yellow epoxy paint

▼餐厅,宠物狗的小窝隐藏在柜子中,the dining room, the dog house is hidden behind the cabinet


The palette of colors and materials of the project was carefully chosen so that there was no conflict between them but at the same time to give personality to the project since we didn’t want to have a monochromatic space.

▼盥洗室,the bathroom

▼卧室手绘透视图,perspective sketch of the bedroom


▼平面布置图,layout plan

▼沙发细节设计图,details of the sofa

Location: São Paulo, SP, Brasil
Start Date: 01/2017
Completion Date: 10/2017
Area: 70 m²
Architect: Pascali Semerdjian Arquitetos
Team : Fábio Rudnik.
Interiors : Pascali Semerdjian Arquitetos
Floor : Pintura Epóxi Amarela
Lighting : Cia de Iluminação
Kitchen : Securit
Marble and Stones : Pedras Bellas Artes
Woodwork : Móveis Russo
Photos : Ricardo Bassetti

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